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Chatwood Milner Duplex Anti Blowpipe FF

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DIMENSIONS - 1606 / 1305 / 781 mm
WEIGHT - 2616 kg
VOLUME - 726 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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DESIGNED for use where a very high degree of protection is required, the Chatwood-Milner Duplex Anti - Blowpipe Safes are particularly suitable for Bankers, Jewellers, and all those requiring to store valuables or large amounts of money on their own premises. They are strongly recommended by Insurance Companies in view of their known success in withstanding actual cases of burglarious attack.

The most searching and drastic tests are imposed on these safes to ensure the highest quality in their resistance to all forms of attack whether it be drill, blowpipe or explosive, fire and allied dangers.

The total thickness of the body is 4 5/8" (117.5 mm.) including the special Chatwood-Milner anti-blowpipe alloy. The outer body is constructed of tough steel plate bent at all twelve corners, flanged back and front. The back plate, electrically welded flush, makes the outer body and back a one-piece construction. The space between the outer body and the Chatwood-Milner armoured inner body is tilled solid with refractory heat insulating material in the form of a monolithic casting.

The total thickness of the door is 6 1/2" (164.1 mm.). The minimum thickness over the lock mechanism is 2" (50.8 mm.), including our special anti-blowpipe alloy.

The door is securely held in its seating by bright cold drawn steel sliding bolts 1 3/4" (44.4 mm.) in diameter at the front and fixed steel dog bars at the back, all fully protected by the special armouring of the body, when the door is closed and locked.

The boltwork and lockcase is covered by a fire-resisting chamber filled with steam generating and heat insulating material unaffected by age or climatic conditions.

The sliding bolts are controlled by a best quality unpickable ten-lever double bitted key-lock with keys supplied in duplicate. These keys cannot be copied from a wax impression, and if the door is closed into its seating and the key withdrawn, the Safe is automatically locked. Combination locks with 3 or 4 tumblers can be fitted in place of or in addition to the key-operated lock if required.

This is fitted to provide protection against explosives, thus ensuring that even in the event of the normal locks being blown off by explosives, the door remains securely locked.

These safes can be supplied with shelves, drawers or cupboards as shown on page 4.

The safes are painted in a pleasing shade of steel grey with chromium plated furniture.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Chatwood Milner Duplex Anti Blowpipe FF 2616 1606 / 1305 / 781 1372 / 1069 / 495 726
£1,600.00 excl VAT £1,200.00 excl VAT
Model Chatwood Milner Duplex Anti Blowpipe FF
Weight 2616
External H / W / D (mm) 1606 / 1305 / 781
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1372 / 1069 / 495
Volume (litres) 726
£1,600.00 excl VAT £1,200.00 excl VAT