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Chubb Litchfield 2

  • Cash rating
  • Digital lock availability
  • Key lock availability
DIMENSIONS - 737 / 559 / 573 mm
WEIGHT - 273 kg
VOLUME - 81 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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£388.00 excl VAT
PRICE - £291.00 excl VAT

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The Chubb Lichfield

The Chubb Lichfield, this new addition to our light safe range, has been developed for protecting cash and valuables against attack by thieves as well as protecting personal documents and records from fire. Built to the same high standards of engineering as all other Chubb safes, the Lichfield has been designed to suit both the home or the smaller business environment. Economically priced, it is also perfectly suited to the large multiple outlets where protection is required for relatively small amounts of cash.


Both the outer and inner body is constructed from high grade bright mild steel which is electrically welded to form one unit. The space between these two skins is packed with specially formulated solid concrete, to provide a five-sided monolith, giving an overall body thickness of 89mm.

The outer steel door plate is reinforced with rim bars and the vital locking area and other vulnerable parts are additionally protected by incorporating local drill resisting material. Thermal insulation is included within the lock case pan which offers excellent protection against high temperatures.

The boltwork is made up of 29mm diameter long-throw moving bolts on the opening edge of the door which lock into the inner body lining, with fixed dog bolts on the inner edge. These bolts are secured by a Chubb seven-lever anti-drill keylock. Alternative locking arrangements (i.e. a three code keyless combination lock) can be fitted as an optional extra.

The Lichfield incorporates a special relocking mechanism that is synchronised with the lock to keep the bolts in the closed position if an attempt is made to dislodge them.

The safe can be anchored to either a wooden or concrete floor. A base fixing hole is incorporated in the body and a 16mm high tensile steel bolt is supplied for fixing.

The Lichfield safe is supplied in a warm grey hammer finish which will blend with any environment. The inside body is painted in a warm grey semi-matt finish, and the escutcheons, handles and keyless combination dials and rims are in satin chrome plate.

BS5750 The Lichfield safe is manufactured and inspected in accordance with procedures approved by British Standards Institution. Chubb is the first safe manufacturer approved under BS5750.


Additonal features:

  • Jointless construction.
  • Quality controlled barrier material.
  • All round fire protection including door.
  • Best quality Chubb locks. Emergency relocking device.
  • Base fixing for all types of floor.
  • Modern appearance suitable for either home or business.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Chubb Litchfield 2 273 737 / 559 / 573 559 / 381 / 381 81
£388.00 excl VAT £291.00 excl VAT
Model Chubb Litchfield 2
Weight 273
External H / W / D (mm) 737 / 559 / 573
Internal H / W / D (mm) 559 / 381 / 381
Volume (litres) 81
£388.00 excl VAT £291.00 excl VAT