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Chubb Safes

Chubb Safes designed and built its first of many safes in the 1830's. Chubb produces many different types of safes from large, highly sophisticated models, to small office or home safes such as cash safes, deposit safes, and data safes. Chubb Safes originated in the UK.

You can be sure you are investing in a high quality security safe when you buy a Chubbsafe. With over 100 models to choose from Chubbsafes offer a vast range of security and fire safes and include the ever popular Black Box and the high security Eurograde Tridents range

The History

At Chubbsafes, we have been in the business of supplying safes and other secure storage products for almost 200 years.

There has always been a strong family feeling within Chubbsafes. Not only has the management remained within the same family since the foundation, but there are also a number of workmen today whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers worked for Chubb.

Since its inception in 1818, Chubbsafes has grown into a large multinational brand with operations worldwide. Below you can read more about how it all began and how Chubbsafes has become a leading international security supplier. 

History of Chubbsafes

Born and brought up near Winchester, the Chubb brothers served apprenticeships as blacksmiths, Charles moving to the Portsea area in 1804.

The history of Chubbsafes began with the designing and manufacturing of safes and locks for banking and financial institutions.

The Chubb brothers patented their first safe. Engineering quality soon became recognised and the Craftsmanship and skill with which the products were made was unequivocal.

To celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the foundation of the firm, a new lock works was built at Wolverhampton capable of accommodating 350 workmen and a new safe-making department to take about the same number. 

For the next ten years the firm had works in London and Wolverhampton but in 1908 the Glengall Road factory was closed and transferred to yet another new works in Wolverhampton.

The transfer was organised like a military operation with the minimum loss of working time. The men left London on a Thursday afternoon, were given the rest of the week to find accommodation in Wolverhampton for themselves and their families and entered the new works again on the Monday to find everything ready for them to start work again. 

From 1914 to the end of the war there was a constant flow of safes from the Admiralty and the Army. High explosives and shrapnel shells were produced on huge quantities reaching as many as 4000 shells a week in 1918.

In 1954 manufacturing by Chubb commenced in Canada with the formation of a Canadian company.

The introduction of the new range of safes by Chubb was a landmark in safe design. The rapid increase in oxygen cutting since 1947 had created a demand for a reasonably priced safe to give protection against this particular attack. Such protection had been available since the 1920's but its cost was prohibitive and so its use was restricted to banking houses and specialised organisations. The Chubb Standard Anti Blowpipe safe was a technical breakthrough that had far reaching effects not only in the security world but to Chubb itself.

Chubb demerged and the safes division was acquired by global giant Gunnebo who breathed new life into the Chubbsafes group.

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