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Derek Valentine

20 October 2011

Following our recent acquisition of Thomas Fox
& Co Ltd, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Valentine as our new Head of Sales, Safes & Vaults, to develop the growing market for our Eurofox range of fully VdS tested and certified safes.

With 21 years knowledge of the safe industry, Derek is a highly respected specialist in his field, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge having previously held posts with Insafe International and Associated Security Services.

We are updating our range of EuroFox brochures starting with Grades 0 to III and Grades IV and V.  Literature on the
EuroFox Grade V and our Vault Doors will follow shortly. To receive a full set of the new literature, please email

founder members of Eurosafe UK, the new trade body representing British safe manufacturers and distributors. The other is the AiS Approved symbol confirming that our test certificates have been passed to the Association of Insurance Surveyors for scrutiny and our safes will be listed as AiS Approved on future issues of their unique Safe List , your assurance that they are accepted by all major insurers.


In our August newsletter we announced the launch of Eurosafe UK’s national database of safe attacks. In the past few weeks we have talked to our colleagues in the insurance industry to enlist their help in providing information on attacks. The general response seemed to be that whilst they supported the idea in principle they were not keen to engage with it in a formal way.  They prefer to leave it to their Risk Surveyors who are most likely to encounter attacked safes. They will decide whether or not to support this scheme by submitting details.
Consequently, Eurosafe UK is appealing to its friends out in the field to keep an eye out for attacked safes and take a moment to tick the boxes in a short Safe Attack Report Form. This can be downloaded from or email to request a copy. It can

also be downloaded from the AiS website.. Eurosafe UK does not require names and addresses or even the value of any losses.   The names of contributing surveyors and the company they represents will not appear on the register.
The statistics extrapolated from these reports will be circulated at the end of the year to underwriters, brokers, police authorities, safe makers, distributors and any other relevant organisations.   By analysing the data we hope to identify trends in safe breaking, spotlighting the main methods used so manufacturers can tailor their research and design.
Eurosafe UK has already received a number of reports and wishes to thank everyone in advance for their support for this project.
Please return completed forms to