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Lampertz Dis Data Safe S 14

  • Fire rating
  • Digital lock availability
  • Key lock availability
DIMENSIONS - 1850 / 786 / 918 mm
WEIGHT - 631 kg
VOLUME - 310 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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£2,520.00 incl tax
PRICE - £1,890.00 incl tax

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Lampertz Dis Data Safe S 14

The greater your dependency on data media, the more important it is to have appropriate security measures.

Loss of recorded data can have disastrous consequences. This applies to companies both, large and small, as the old medium of "paper" has now been replaced by growing volumes of digital data media on diskettes, streamer tapes, giga tapes and CD's.

Whilst electronically recorded data media concentrates, and greatly reduces the space necessary for storing 1 vast data archives, it brings with it a range of business risks which must be fully understood and catered for. The only complete solution is the total security provided within a data media safe!

Data protection laws demand the complete protection of all information relating to product liability, environmental standards and health and safety legislation.

The protection of R&D data against industrial espionage or sabotage has to be one of the company's first security objectives.

There is an ever present risk to highly confidential information relating to: products, customers, accounting etc.

Effective data protection with Lampertz DIS-Data-Safes.

Decisive factors for data security. Truly effective data security measures should address two very different risk factors:

1. Security systems should provide solid resistance against burglary attacks and eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access, espionage, sabotage and theft.

2. Provide the highest possible protection against fire and the resulting secondary damage caused by water, smoke, acrid gases or falling debris.

Normal storage cabinets and many safes do not meet the stringent performance standards necessary to provide these two decisive levels of security.

Whilst "paper" records can withstand temperatures of up to 175 degrees C, digital data media is rendered totally unusable at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees C.

Lampertz DIS-Data-Safes offering protection to the highest security standards.

As the world's leading manufacturer of physical security solutions for computer media and hardware systems, we are constantly pioneering new developments in this fast changing IT environment. A combination of weight reducing insulation material, slam-shut locking and the most cost effective volume of performance ratios ensure that Lampertz DIS-Data-Safes provide an unequalled combination of bur-glary and fire protection for critical, stored media.

Innovative technology providing the ultimate solution.

Two models and five different sizes ... Two different series of DIS-Data-Safes (S and SE) are available in 5 different sizes, all tested to the acclaimed S 120 DIS VDMA 24991, RAL-RG 626/7 classifications. In addition to this, SE series units have considerably higher protection against burglary attacks with VdS class II certification.

Choose from a range of 4 different colours.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Lampertz Dis Data Safe S 14 631 1850 / 786 / 918 1450 / 446 / 478 310
£2,520.00 incl tax £1,890.00 incl tax
Model Lampertz Dis Data Safe S 14
Weight 631
External H / W / D (mm) 1850 / 786 / 918
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1450 / 446 / 478
Volume (litres) 310
£2,520.00 incl tax £1,890.00 incl tax