Chatwood Milner Duplextra MK2 GW/29



Chatwood-Milner now offer an anti-blowpipe and drill-resisting safe of entirely new design and greatly increased strength to combat the increased severity of attacks experienced today. The ‘Duplextra’ Mk 2 range of safes embody a new type of armour and are available in sizes CW, DW. EW, FW, GW/33 and GW/29. The most searching and drastic tests were imposed on this new type of safe to ensure greater resistance to all form of attack, whether it be blowpipe, drill, or explosive.

Features of the construction are the complete surrounding of the body of the safe with the new Chatwood-Milner anti-blowpipe and drill-resisting material cast in one piece unit and the increased metal thickness of the door. The locking mechanism and boltwork are of improved design and an automatic re-locking device gives protection against explosives.

Designed and produced by engineers and backed with over 150 years experience of security manufacture, the new `Duplextra’ Mk 2 Anti-Blowpipe Safe gives even greater protection to your money and valuables.


The total thickness of the body is 4 1/2″ (114 mm). The outer body, constructed of steel, is electrically welded to form one unit. The body of the safe has a total metal thickness of 2 5/8″ (67 mm) including 2″ (51 mm) Chatwood-Milner new special blow-pipe and drill-resisting armour cast in one piece.

The total thickness of the door is 7 1/2″ (190 mm) with 2″ (51 mm) new Chatwood-Milner blow-pipe and drill-resisting armour between steel plates giving a total metal thickness of 3″ (76 mm). The fire resisting chamber at the back is hinged and fastened with screws (if combination locks are fitted, the chamber is secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate).

The door is securely held in its seating by steel sliding bolts 1 1/2″ (38 mm) diameter, all fully protected by the armour of the body when the door is closed. The number of bolts varies from eight to sixteen according to the sizes of the safes.

The sliding bolts are controlled by a Chatwood-Milner double bitted ten lever key-lock with rustless keys in duplicate. Various alternative locking arrangements can be supplied at additional cost if required, e.g. one or two combination locks in addition to the key lock, two combination locks or two key locks. Combination locks can be fitted with anti-observation shields and check locks. The boltwork is of improved design incorporating main and secondary locking.

Anti-Explosive and Re-Locking Device
This is fitted to provide protection in the event of the normal locking control being disturbed by explosives and comes into operation automatically every time the safe is locked.

The safes are painted inside and outside with high quality smoke grey enamel. All furniture is heavily chromium plated. Locks, pull and bolt actuating handles are backed with a grey vinyl chloride polymer sheet.

Interior Fittings
The steel shelves and drawer units are adjustable at 1 1/16,” (27 mm) intervals. The shelves are made of sheet steel flanged and reinforced—the fronts of the shelves have a depth of 21/32″ (17 mm). Suggested arrangements of shelves are as follows: Models CW, DW, EW one shelf, Models FW, GW/33 and GW/29 two shelves. Full and half width and two heights of drawers are available. The drawers have reinforced fronts and are fitted with recessed handles and Chatwood-Milner 4 lever locks with keys in duplicate.

Cupboard Dimensions
The external height of the cupboard can be made to meet any special requirements. Standard sizes are normally of internal heights of 12″ (305 mm) and 15″ (381 mm). The overall width of all cupboards is 1″ (25 mm) less than the internal width of the safes in which they are fitted.

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