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Banks and other organisations who hold large amounts of cash and valuables demand and expect a very high degree of security as today’s criminals have an awesome armoury of tools and sophisticated attack techniques at their disposal. For over 160 years Chubb has been using its unrivalled expertise and research in defeating the criminal and provide peace of mind to such organisations.

The Financier utilizes this vast experience and exemplifies Chubb’s internationally renowned expertise in the art of safe-making. The Financier offers a very high degree of protection against varying forms of attack including: explosives, diamond drill, arc-air slicer, oxy acetylene, power drills, pneumatic hammers, electric hammers & disc cutting tools.

In order that the Financier could be rated for insurance, surveyors from the leading insurance companies witnessed an exhaustive series of tests spanning two days. The content and severity of the tests and the performance of the Financier, were stringently monitored by the surveyors. The result of the tests placed the Financier in the highest insurance category.

The Financier is the result of a major scientific development programme, incorporating Chubb Debar which is the most significant new barrier material to be employed in safe construction in the last 25 years.

Chubb Debar consists of a very high density fibre-strengthened matrix which contains inclusions especially developed to resist diamond drill and other more traditional forms of attacks. The ultra-hard inclusions and exceptional resistive strength of Chubb Debar provide a very high degree of protection.

Inner and outer steel plates also enclose a seamless casting of Chubb Debar, resulting in a total body thickness of 113mm.

The door has a total thickness of 190mm and consists of inner and outer steel plates enclosing a seamless casting of Chubb anti-arc barrier material. This composite material developed by Chubb includes nuggets of very hard abrasion-resistant material held in a matrix which itself has an exceptional resistance to thermal attacks. This composite material is securely anchored to an inner steel plate. An additional layer of carbon-based material provides further resistance to thermal attack.

The door is secured by 38mm diameter moving bolts which extend from all four sides of the door. When the safe is in the locked position, Chubb’s unique design of isolator completely disconnects the bolt-throwing handle from the mechanism.

The Financier is fitted with glass and other relockers which ensure that the bolts remain extended under a variety of attacks. Access to the back of the lock case is controlled by two Chubb locks.

The Financier is fitted as standard with two high security Chubb locks. Each lock can be either a keylock or a combination lock. The keylock is a high security eight lever lock and the key bit is detachable from the stem for convenient safe keeping. The combination lock is a high security four-wheel lock capable of 100,000,000 different combinations and can be fitted with a sight screen and dial check lock.

Attractive light grey spatter finish to suit any environment. The handle, trimplate and keyhole are finished in a warm brown.

Chubb Research Ltd-an independent company within the Chubb Group-operates what are probably the finest in-house research facilities of any safe manufacturer in the World. Very considerable resources are devoted to an ongoing programme of development and testing aimed at continually improving barrier materials, keeping Chubb at the forefront in superior methods of safe manufacture and construction. The Financier safe is manufactured and inspected in accordance with procedures approved by British Standards Institution. Chubb is the first safe manufacturer approved under BS5750.

Internal racking accepts the following optional fittings:


The Financier is prepared for secure base fixing.

Whilst maintaining its worldwide status as the major manufacturer of physical security equipment, Chubb also provides comprehensive sales, installation and service facilities covering the total product range.

Based strategically throughout the world with Chubb companies in 17 countries and distributors in over 80 countries, the service and support network assures customers of quick, efficient and reliable attention at all times.

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