Chubbsafes Earth 55E

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  • External measurements : H 590mm x W 450mm x D 400mm
  • Internal measurements : H 500mm x W 360mm x D 300mm
  • Weight : 76 KG
  • Volume : 54 L
  • Cash Protection Value : £4k
  • Fire Rating : 30
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Chubbsafes Earth 55E has an S2 Burglary Protection which has been certified by ECB•S in accordance with the EN 14450 standard for burglary protection to Level S2.

Chubbsafes Earth Interior Fittings include an Electronic Lock, Shelf, One removable shelf standard with all models. In addition to the above interior fittings, the Chubbsafes Earth 55E Electronic locking models have a convenient integrated LED light which turns on every time the safe door opens.

Chubbsafes Earth 55E Locks consist of a fitted electronic lock which is a certified Class B. The Chubbsafes 55E Electronic Lock Works by entering your PIN code using the key pad and simply turning the handle to open the door. The door will lock automatically again when shut and the handle is turned back to its original position. The lock can be programmed with your own six-digit PIN code.

The Chubbsafes Earth Construction: The door is secured by 25mm-diameter bolts. The door is made up of 8mm-thick steel and body of 3mm-thick steel.  The boltwork itself is protected further by manganese steel anti-drilling plates. In addition to this, the body consists of a double-wall construction using both 3mm and 2mm steel and the space in between is filled with a fire-retardant material (Din 4102 up to 30 mins). All of which increases the security of his safe.

Chubbsafes 55E Earth at a glance is suitable for the storage of valuables such as jewellery, cameras and other expensive items. Secondly, it is Certified by ECB•S (EN 14450) for S2 burglary protection. It has an electronic lock, one removable shelf and interior LED light fitting. Also, the body consists of two steel plates filled in between with a fire-retardant material (Din 4102 up to 30 mins). And finally, there are four sizes available for you to purchase,– 15, 38, 54 and 76 litres, making it easier to suit whatever your security needs may be.

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