Rosengren Tann Fire File FF/4


Rosengrens Tann Fire File

Your business might well depend on your choice of one simple piece of office furniture—the filing cabinet: Statistics show that 70% of businesses whose paper work is lost in fires, go out of business within 3 years of the fire.

Fire destroys those essential pieces of paper that every business needs if it’s to run efficiently. Imagine the morning after the fire, when you come into the office and try to sort things out.

NO COPY INVOICES—you don’t know who owes you money.

NO PLANS OR DRAWINGS—you can’t assemble without plans—even if production area are not affected.

NO NAMES & ADDRESSES—for your staff or your customers or your suppliers.

NO CONTRACT DOCUMENTS—no proof of your legal standing, distributive agreements, licensing arrangements.

NO WORKS ORDERS—no check on production in hand, delivery dates or schedules.

And with all or some of these papers damaged or destroyed, how can you hope to establish an immediate insurance claim? fire is a killer—and it kills off business.

The answer to all these problems is the Tann Firefile, an elegant filing cabinet that looks good in any business surrounding, yet is built to resist fire and keep you in business.

The unit is finished in a melamine paint, special application of the final coat produces an attractive textured finish. The body is Dark Blue while the drawer fronts are Light Grey. Drawer pulls and label holders are in bright chrome plate finish.

The construction is such that each drawer is housed in an individual compartment within a common outer shell. The space between the

individual compartments and the outer body is packed with an insulating material, therefore if one drawer is left open it will have no effect on the insulation properties of the remaining drawers.

The drawers are designed to accept foolscap size documents retained by suspension rail system or compression. The drawer fronts are of similar double skin construction filled with the same materials as the body. Drawers are mounted on substantial roller type runners and are easily removed without the unfastening of catches or the removal of screws.

All drawers are secured by a single lock mounted in the top drawer, each drawer has a positive day catch operated by press button which is integral with the drawer pull.

A four drawer cabinet, consisting of a steel outer shell 1 mm thick, and four inner shells (one for each drawer)

1 mm thick with 28-53 mm thick lightweight cement insulation between the shells, was heated for one hour according to BS 476 Part 8 1972, taken out of the furnace and dropped onto brick rubble from a height of 4 metres and reheated for a further 30 minutes at 900°c.

The cabinet remained intact throughout the test and its contents of assorted papers were undamaged and legible.

Alternative Lockings
Alternative lockings are available on request at additional cost. The alternatives are as follows:

  • 2 keylocks
  • 1 keylock + 1 combination lock
  • 1 combination lock
  • The combination lock is of the 3 number code type.

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