SLS Director A/T 2316



The SLS Director Anti-Torch safe is manufactured in two sizes making it ideal for the high risk domestic application and also the medium volume commercial.

Safe Body
Immediately surrounding the 6mm inner steel lining is the monolithic drill and torch resistant alloy bell, with a minimum thickness of 16mm. Protecting the alloy bell and contained within the outer body is ‘Wirand’ concrete giving an overall thickness of 89mm.

Safe Door
The advanced fabricated construction includes a special drill and torch resistant alloy which gives protection over the whole door area. Between this and the door plate is an infill of Wirand’ grout creating an overall thickness of 38mm.

Both ranges of safes can be secured by either the SLS 7-lever anti-drill keylock which eliminates the weakness of the conventional bolt stump principle which can be easily overcome. The Director Anti-Torch can also be fitted with a three or four wheel (respectively) keyless combination lock which is readily interchangeable with the SLS anti-drill keylock. Dual locking can be provided at an extra cost.

144 hour 2 or 3 movement timelock can be fitted to the sizes 2316 and 3520.

Re-locking devices
Live and dead re-locking devices are fitted. The live device operates everytime the safe is locked to ensure the bolts are independently secured, should the locks be attacked by explosives or any other methods. The dead re-locking device is connected in random positions to a sensitive plate which in the event of attack by drills, explosives, force or oxygen cutters, releases the devices. Random positions are adopted for the location of the devices and also the stainless steel wires which are in protective steel tubes.

Bolt Work
The bolt work moves on three sides of the door with bolts of 30mm diameter steel. The bolts lock directly into the inner body lining which has strong steel cups to receive the locking bolts. 30mm diameter bolts on the rear edge of the door complete massive interlocking of the door into the inner body lining giving exceptional resistance against both explosive and wedge attacks.

Floor anchoring
Every safe is prepared for base fixing using a high tensile rawlbolt, suitable for either concrete or wood floors. Base fixing is highly recommended.

The safe is finished in an attractive durable grey splatter paint and is complemented by a black bolt throwing handle.

Adjustable steel shelves, lockable full width and half width drawers size 1812 3″ high, size 2316 6″ high and 3520 6″ high. Lockable cupboards with optional deposit features and dual locking.

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