Tann Templar 58/5020



The security engineering traditions and techniques of the House of Tann are respected by banks and treasuries throughout the world. Since 1795 Tann has built heavy safes and strongrooms for high security protection. This is the background of the TANN TEMPLAR a safe designed specifically for commercial fire and burglar protection.

The body of the safe has an overall thickness of 4″ (102 mm) and is fitted with a reinforced anti-penetration monolith and a steel shroud giving a total metal content of not less than (12 mm).

The door is recessed into the body and has a main protective slab comprising 2 1/4″ (57 mm) of metal including a layer of drill and blow-torch resistant alloy 1 1/4″ (32 mm) thick.

A system of 3-way sliding round bolts secures the door to the body on top, bottom and leading edges. The hack edge is secured by fixed bolts. The number of bolts varies with the size of safe. This boltwork is controlled by a nine-lever high security lock with detachable bitted keys in duplicate as standard. A second keylock can he fitted if desired, or alternatively a three-number combination lock in lieu of or in addition to the main keylock. Locking variations are at extra cost.

To guard against attack on the lock(s) by explosives or other means a live anti-explosive device is fitted which comes into operation each time the safe is locked. In addition a thermal device is fitted to operate if the door is attacked by oxygen cutting tools. A special sensitive plate actuates relocking devices if disturbed by drills, explosives or heat.

All sizes of safe can be fitted with removable shelves adjustable at 1″ intervals. Size 25/1711 can be supplied with a 3″ lockable drawer, other sizes with 6” lockable drawers. Sizes above 43/3520 can he fitted with a 12″ lockable cupboard. Fittings are at extra cost.

Tann blue grey.

Provision can be made for safes to be anchored to the floor and this is recommended.

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