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Reconditioned Safes

Our safes are reconditioned to a British Standard (BS 7582). This means the safe is stripped back to base metal to make sure it has never been in a fire, drilled or compromised in any way. The unit is then primed and resprayed. 
The inner working of the safe door is then attended to and all moving parts are checked to ensure good working order. Any anti-explosive devices that protect the lock in the event of an attack are serviced and checked to ensure efficiency. 
Locks are reconditioned or if worn, they are replaced with a similar model, be it key locking, combination or digital. The bolts and hinges of the door are lubricated to ensure easy operation. 

We sell a large range of reconditioned safes. We can even collect and recondition your safe for you. 

Our reconditioned safe range provides the perfect balance between quality and value. You will receive a safe at an incredible price and our high standards of reconditioning mean the safe looks brand new. 

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