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Stratford Standfast 1711

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Stratford Standfast safe door comprises a heavy steel Stratford Standfast available for all three sizes
DIMENSIONS - 584 / 432 / 419 mm
WEIGHT - 190 kg
VOLUME - 30 m3

Used to specify lock types on safes


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£300.00 incl tax
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Now more than ever you need the protection of a new Stratford Standfast Safe.

Designed to protect papers and records from fire as well as guarding cash and valuables against burglary attack, the Standfast represents exceptional value for money.

Body: The new Standfast Safes have a 12-bend type electrically welded outer body of tough British steel which encases a special high density fire-resisting and anti-penetration monolith.

Door: The safe door comprises a heavy steel formed inner section, housing the lock and bolt mechanism, protected by a shield of laboratory developed refractory material giving an overall defensive thickness of more than 1". An additional thick plate of hardened drill-resisting steel gives extra protection over the lock and vital parts. A live relocking device, always on guard, secures the bolts in the event of explosive attack on the lock.

Locking: Standard locking — one seven lever security keylock with keys in duplicate. Second keylock or three number combination lock in lieu of or in addition to keylock supplied as optional extras. Additional keys can only be cut by use of the original key as a pattern.

Anchoring: Internally controlled anchors available for all three sizes, for bedding into concrete or bolting to wood floor. Anchoring strongly recommended to deter removal of safe from site.

Internal Fittings: A variety of adjustable shelves, lockable drawers etc. is available to make the best possible use of the capacity of your Standfast Safe. For size 1711 we offer a 3" high drawer, 3" or 6" high drawers are available for sizes 2314 and 3520.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Stratford Standfast 1711 190 584 / 432 / 419 432 / 279 / 248 30
£300.00 incl tax £225.00 incl tax
Model Stratford Standfast 1711
Weight 190
External H / W / D (mm) 584 / 432 / 419
Internal H / W / D (mm) 432 / 279 / 248
Volume (litres) 30
£300.00 incl tax £225.00 incl tax