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Tann Bullion MK 7 60/5121

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DIMENSIONS - 1524 / 762 / 711 mm
WEIGHT - 2000 kg
VOLUME - 289 m3

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This safe is of massive construction, designed to resist sophisticated attacks by modern techniques as well as onslaught by force. In addition it offers fire protection to records.

The Bullion is used by banking and commerce throughout the world. Behind it lies the skill and knowledge of over 175 years of safemaking combined with latest devices to defeat the criminal.

The body thickness, including the back, is a constant 4 1/2" strongly reinforced at connecting areas.

The construction employs the latest cold forming techniques coupled with the most advanced welding methods to form a jointless outer shell of 1/4" tough steel plate. The inner body is similarly joined to the outer shell in such a way that the joint is stronger than the parent metal.

The body which contains over 1 3/8" of metal is constructed from a series of interlocking monolithic structures which resists delamination techniques.

The construction consists of 1/4” outer steel tough plate, behind which is a reinforced drill and torch resistant monolith approximately 3" thick connected to a structure of special alloy. With the exception of the Size 43/3420 the hinges are removable to facilitate installation.

Removable carriages can also be provided against special order to assist the installation of safes through strongroom doors.

The door has an overall thickness of 7" with not less than 4 1/4" of protection over the locks and vital boltwork. A total of over 3 1/4" of alloy, tough steel, and compound metal plates and not less than 1" of special high density material gives extreme resistance to drills, all forms of oxygen cutting, impact, and other forms of attack.

A feature is the method by which the main protective slab is securely attached to the front and rear structural plates of the door assembly.

The door swings easily on self-lubricating bearings in modern style hinges.

The door is secured by 3 way boltwork with 1 1/2" diameter bright drawn steel bolts, locking behind solid steel rebates which are integral parts of the inner body of the safe.

The rear edge of the door is secured by a solid steel continuous bar locking behind a similar rebate.

The door is secured by one high security keylock complete with detachable bitted keys in duplicate as standard.

The precision engineered boltwork incorporates special devices designed to give complete protection by re-locking the boltwork mechanism in the event of attack by any method which produces heat, displaces the lock or attempts to cut a hole in the door.

The safe may be controlled by twin keylocks or by twin four wheel combination locks, or by one combination and one key lock.

Two movement time locks can be supplied to act in conjunction with any locking arrangement.

Modern pull handle with matching escutcheons, bolt throwing handle and blinder shield if fitted.

Dark grey high gloss finish gives a style as up to date as it is dignified. A wide range of fittings including drawers, cupboards and adjustable shelves is available.

Our aim is always to provide the best in security, therefore we reserve the right to incorporate any improvements and alter any specification without prior notice.


A variety of interior fittings is available so that full use can be made of the capacity of the safe. These fittings include:

  • Full width shelves (adjustable).
  • Single drawer, on sizes 43/3420, 60/5121 and 60/5142. Double drawers side by side on all safes.
  • All shelves and drawers are adjustable in the height at 1 1/2" pitch. Cupboard fitted at top. These cupboards can if required be secured by two locks.


Model Weight (kg) External H / W / D (mm) Internal H / W / D (mm) Volume (litres) Price
Tann Bullion MK 7 60/5121 2000 1524 / 762 / 711 1296 / 533 / 419 289
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Model Tann Bullion MK 7 60/5121
Weight 2000
External H / W / D (mm) 1524 / 762 / 711
Internal H / W / D (mm) 1296 / 533 / 419
Volume (litres) 289
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