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Thomas Fox

21 July 2009
A to Z ACQUIRES THOMAS FOX LTD The Directors of A to Z safe warehouse are delighted to announce that they have acquired Thomas Fox Limited, one of the proudest and most famous names in the security industry.  Chris Goldfinch,
Managing Director of A to Z Safe Warehouse says, “We saw an opportunity to become associated with Fox’s long standing reputation for service and to strengthen our position in the marketplace by
the addition of the impressive Eurofox range of high security cash safes”.

here can be few companies with such a long and distinguished history.  Founded in London 230 years ago by Joseph Cooper,  a mirror maker, they later became renowned as cabinet makers and furniture designers.  Joseph Coopers  was bought by Thomas Fox in 1939, changing the company name and
building upon their reputation as makers of hand crafted furniture with pieces displayed at the Great Exhibition in
Crystal Palace in 1851.

Moving with the times, Thomas Fox Limited moved into the market for office furniture but continued their tradition of high quality joinery, crafting pieces for the many of the country’s biggest family estates.
Thomas Fox became involved in safe removing in the post war years but it was not until the early 1960’s that they became specialists in safe engineering and they are widely credited for the introduction of glass plates to protect locking and boltwork systems.
A to Z Safe Warehouse is honoured to be part of Thomas Fox’s continuing success.

Thomas Fox’s exclusive EuroFox range of high security cash safes is tested by the independent test institute VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH in Cologne in accordance with EN1143-1 and certified by ECB.S as complying with resistance Grades 0, I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.   Grades I and II are finished in RAL 7035 light grey whilst Grades III and above are in modern two-tone grey. Other
colours are available upon request. A full range of locking options is offered including mechanical combination and electronic digital locking.  Secondary locking for dual control is
available on all models as an optional extra. All models are prepared for floor anchoring and
Grades I and II have additional wall anchoring positions. All models are ready for alarm connection.

One of the more unusual safes in the EuroFox
range is a double door safe. Once commonplace double door safes fell out of favour because of the difficulty in maintaining the locking integrity of the two doors.  However, the good news is that the Thomas Fox double door safe has overcome this problem by the use of asymetric doors.  Customers can now enjoy the additional volume and storage
space provided by this type of safe.
Another remarkable feature of the EuroFox range is a range of demountable safes.  Where safes are required to be installed on upper floors or in basement areas where lift capacity is limited, the demountable safe is supplied in component form and assembled in-situ by our trained installation engineers.  Obviously, if the office is re-located, the safe can be broken down, removed and re-sited as required. Available in resistant Grades III, IV and V in compliance with VdS and ECB.S regulations.

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