Chubbsafes Custodian Grade 5 420



• Perfectly suited to add an additional high layer of security, to protect your most valuable belongings, the Custodian range is certified by
ECB•S in accordance with the stringent European standard EN 1143-1 (Gd lV and V)

• Leading edge GRAVITON barrier material to ensure excellent burglary protection

• Designed to fit into most environments, such as retail shops, bank branches and offices

• Six sizes available from 111 to 596 litres

• Developed with convenience in mind, Custodian safes are practical and easy to use

• Ergonomic, soft touch handle designed for ease of use

• Sleek design with elegant RAL 7016 body and RAL 7040 light grey internal fittings

• Supplied with two EN 1300 certified Class B key locks as standard. Electronic lock options, which increase the level of security and prevent unauthorised access to the safe, are available at additional costs

For Grade lV and V certified safes, at least two EN 1300 Class Blocks must be fitted as standard. Certified combination locks and electronic locks are available at additional costs.

Safes are fitted with shelves as standard, please see product specification table above. The following optional fittings are also available at additional costs.
1. Shelf
2. Reinforced shelf
3. Shelf with files holding system (except for model 110)
4. Lockable compartment (except for model 110). Aviailable in two heights 200mm and 400mm. The 400mm version is not available
for model 600
5. Lockable drawer (except for model 110)

The Custodian range is tested and certified by ECB•S in accordance with European Standard EN 1143-1, for burglary protection in Grades lV and V.
A range of attack tools were used to test Custodian’s level of resistance, from basic tools to sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment.

With the innovative Graviton barrier material, the Custodian safes ensure a high degree of resistance even against the most high performance attack tools. In addition, they can be fixed to the floor with an anchoring kit.

The modern, dark-grey finish is suitable for most office environments, and the door handle has been ergonimically designed for ease of use.

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