Locksmith Services

Our fully qualified, experienced team of locksmiths are on hand across the UK to install and repair locks on doors, windows, cars, and safes. Whether the lock is at home, work or on the road, we’ll provide the best service to resolve the issue.

Lock installation

We will install a new lock on your desired spot. Whether is a door at your office or home, we’ll get the job done.

Lock bypass
There may be a time where your lock is faulty and needs to be unlocked as it no longer locks or unlocks. A lock bypass is a technique that unlatches the lock mechanism without needing to operate the lock.

In most cases, a combination lock will need a lock bypass over a key lock or digital lock.

Lock repair

It’s not uncommon for a lock to need repairing or replacing on a window or door. The lock may no longer open, or the key may be stuck in the lock. In which case, the lock may need to be repaired or updated completely.

Our locksmiths will be able to asses the problem, provide advice and repair or replace the lock where needed.

Call us and speak to a member of our security team on 01268 566317 for more information.