Chubbsafes Cobra 4

£4,000.00 exl VAT

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  • External measurements : H 750mm x W 630mm x D 575mm
  • Internal measurements : H 620mm x W 500mm x D 420mm
  • Weight : 373 KG
  • Volume : 130 L
  • Cash Protection Value : £4k
  • Fire Rating : 30
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Chubbsafes Cobra 4 are tested to European standard EN 14450, level S2. The Safes offer 30 minutes fire protection for documents which is tested in accordance to JIS S1037. These Safes are supplied with either a key lock, where a key enables you to open the door, or a combination, where a series of turns of the dial will mechanically open the door. This is considered safer as it is less vulnerable to thieves, especially if the chance of you losing a key is high. There is also an option of various fittings that can be put in place, such as a shelf or drawer.

Chubb Cobra Safes have a recommended cash rating of £4,000.

These cash safes are of an extremely high quality and are constructed using highly reliable materials that are considered very durable. Chubb Cobra Safes Chubb Cobra Safes are manufactured in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

There are 5 sizes of Chubb Cobra Safe for you to choose from.

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