Chubb safes Wulfrum



The Wulfrum Safe has been designed for those who need a small but roomy safe at reasonable cost. It combines a large inside volume with strong protection against attack by fire or burglars, and incorporates many exclusive CHUBB features previously only obtainable in more expensive safes.


The body is 3 1/2" (89 mm) thick throughout with an outer plate of 1/4" (6 mm) steel. The body is welded throughout to form a single unit with no weak points.

The door is 5" (127 mm) thick, the lock and vital parts being protected by a further layer of toughened, drill resisting steel giving a total metal thickness of 1" (25 mm).

Fire Protection 
A layer of solid fire resisting material surrounds the whole body as well as the door of the safe thus giving complete all round fire protection.

Locking Mechanism
Three 1 1/4" (22 mm) diameter bolts on the front edge and a continuous dog bolt along the back edge secure the Safe. The lock is a CHUBB Best Quality 7-lever Lock with duplicate Keys. A second Keylock may be fitted if required. In lieu of a Keylock a three-wheel Keyless Combination Lock can be supplied at an extra charge, also a Keyless Lock in addition to a Keylock.

A vital feature is the special re-locking mechanism which is in operation the moment the door is locked to secure the boltwork if the locking mechanism is dislodged by explosives.

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Weight 6426006209 kg