Chubb CS282

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  • External measurements : H 1417mm x W 833mm x D 729mm
  • Internal measurements : H 1082mm x W 573mm x D 447mm
  • Weight : 200 KG
  • Volume : 290 L
  • Fire Rating : 120
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Chubb CS280 Data Cabinets

Natural disasters such as fires are indiscriminate in when and where they strike. Such occurrences have unforeseen, catastrophic effects on thousands of businesses each year; many are ruined through the loss of critical information leading to the inability to re-establish profitable trading. Statistics show that the average damage caused by fire in Britain each day, is in excess of £1.5 million. The cost in terms of the complete loss and closure of businesses is far beyond that.

The protection of vital information such as sales and purchase ledgers, stock records and statutory company information, whether recorded on paper or on computer format, is today, a fundamental requirement.

It has been proven that conventional burglar resistant safes and steel filing cabinets are ineffective for protecting computer media due to the fact that disks, cartridges and tapes can only withstand low temperature exposure. Floppy disk manufacturers recommend that their products are not exposed to temperatures in excess of 52°C.

Chubb provides a range of solutions in the form of data and media protection cabinets manufactured specifically for the purpose and to the highest, rigorous international standards. Data and media protection cabinets carry the highest rated fire test labels, protecting media from fire, dust/magnetic fields and accidental damage. Within the ranges are a choice of sizes and storage capacities to suit every business need.

Ultimate fire and temperature protection – by design
High level fire protection is provided by a purpose-designed multilayer construction contained in the tough steel casing and door. Heat absorbing material, insulating foam and water bearing fire proofing ensure that internal temperatures are limited to no more than 52°C after 2 hours of fire exposure at 1000°C. Strategically positioned vent plugs allow the escape of steam as the temperature rises. Thermal breaks designed into the body and door closures also reduce the ingress of heat.

Robust and secure
All Chubb’s media protection products are constructed to minimise damage caused by the incidental effects of fire and other disasters. Reinforced plinths are welded to the base of bodies to provide maximum energy absorption, to withstand impact following floor collapse. Cabinets and safes also provide protection against damage from water sprinklers, sand, dust, dirt and many other natural phenomena.

In addition to providing resistance to forcible entry, purpose-designed boltwork ensures that closures remain shut and secure during a fire or a cabinet fall.

Cabinets and safes are secured by the world famous, high quality Chubb safe locks. These can be configured in formats to suit needs; dual locking, single bitted keylocks or combination locks are examples.

Note – The following capacities are given as a guideline. Safes and cabinets will store a variety of media and resultant capacities will vary. The Chubb sales office is available to provide advice on the best size and configuration for the purpose.

Computer software in whatever format is vulnerable. Protect disks, cartridges, optical disks, tapes, CD Roms and other valuable media from: fire • dust • pilferage • magnetic fields unauthorised access electrostatics • with Chubb’s range of media protection safes.

ChubbCS280 Data Cabinets

The Chubb 280 range of data cabinets provide an ideal way to store all types of magnetic media and protect them against fire, dust, pilferage and accidental damage. All cabinets in the range carry the coveted VDMA S120DIS 2 hour fire test label and offer maximum storage efficiency to ensure that your essential data has the best possible protection in the event of fire.

All three cabinets carry the highest fire test labels, protecting data media from fire, dust, magnetic fields and accidental damage.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Key and/or combination locking available
  • All units carry the VDMA S120 DIS 2 hour fire test label
  • Max internal temperature of 52°C in a fire
  • Wide range of fittings to suit many types of media

All cabinets are placed into a furnace and subjected to temperatures of up to 1049°C in a 2 hour fire test. All cabinets are also secured by high quality Chubb safe locks.

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