Rosengren RCC 6

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  • External measurements : H 745mm x W 780mm x D 615mm
  • Internal measurements : H 315mm x W 490mm x D 290mm
  • Weight : 220 KG
  • Volume : 44 L
  • Fire Rating : 60
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RCC Range — the new generation of data safes

Diskettes, like all data media, are very vulnerable. Even bright sunlight or spilt coffee, let along a fire in your office, can be enough to destroy all your information – permanently. But you can safeguard against such a catastrophe – by protecting your data media in a Rosengrens RCC data safe.

The toughest tests in the world
Developed and manufactured in Scandinavia, the RCC data safes have been successfully tested at the Braunschweig Institute in Germany, which provides the most stringent tests in the world, involving exposure to extreme heat and humidity, and dropping from considerable heights. That the safes were approved by wide margins means that they should easily satisfy the European standards coming into force in 1993.

Fittings for every requirement
The fittings can be adapted for all types of data media, from tape cartridges to the latest laser disks. If you change data media, just change the fittings.

Lower weight and more space
Thanks to a revolutionary new combination of materials, the safes have greatly reduced floor loading and make more efficient use of their capacity than any other data safes currently on the market.

Easy to transport and install
The RCC safes are designed for pallet handling, to fit through any standard office door and to be carried in any standard passenger lift.

Re-settable keylock
The safes are fitted with the unique Rosengrens ABN re-settable keylock, which provides a further safeguard – against lost or stolen keys. They can also be fitted with a code lock or an electronic lock system.

Push/seal closure
There is no need to lock the safes if you suspect fire. All you have to do is push the door shut to seal them and so provide complete fire protection. Full automatic closure is also available, where the door closes automatically if a fire is detected.

Lifetime warranty
Rosengrens’ unique lifetime warranty means that, if any part of the data safe breaks or ceases to function during normal use, we will repair or replace that part. And, if your data safe is exposed to fire, we will help you overcome the misfortune by replacing it with a complete, new safe.

A safe for every requirement
The RCC Range of data safes has been specially designed to meet any storage requirements you may have. And naturally, all the different sizes offer an exceptionally high degree of protection and the highest standards of design to complement modern office environments.

Thanks to the new combinations of materials, Rosengrens have been able to minimise the thickness of the RCC data safes’ walls. This means all the safes are far more easily installed, floor loading has been greatly reduced, and each safe has been able to make more efficient use of its capacity than any other data safe currently on the market.

The fittings in the RCC data safes can be adapted to suit your specific storage requirements and the types of data media you use, from tape cartridges and diskettes to the latest laser disks. If you change data media, just change the fittings.

The RCC Range features the unique Rosengrens re-settable keylocks, which provide a further safeguard — against lost or stolen keys. It is worth remembering that all companies registered under the Data Protection Act 1984 are legally liable for any loss or destruction of personal records.

Where the RCC data safes have definitively proved them-selves is in the city of Braunschweig in Germany. For the Braunschweig Institute is considered to provide the most rigorous testing grounds in the world. Here, safes are sub­jected to the most technically advanced tests, involving both lengthy exposure to extreme heat and humidity and dropping from considerable heights. In these tests the Rosengrens RCC data safes were approved by wide margins. This means that they should easily satisfy the stan­dards applying to data safes that will come into force in Europe at the beginning of 1993.

There are two sets of tests carried out in parallel, each designed to simulate what could happen in actual office fires. The first set assumes the safe is installed on the ground floor when fire breaks out. So it is placed in an oven after being left in a climatic chamber for one week. (The use of a climatic chamber guarantees that the same circumstances apply to whatever safes are tes­ted, irrespective of weather conditions or the time of year). At this stage the temperature inside the safe must be 20°C (±1 °C) and humidity 50% (±5%)

After about 20 minutes, the temperature in the oven has risen to more than 1,000°C. After 60 or 120 minutes, depending on the class of test, the oven is turned off. However, the safe is only lifted out and opened once the oven has cooled substantially, which takes 10 to 15 hours. The purpose of this delay is to simulate what would hap-pen in an actual fire, when the safe could not be removed immediately, but would remain in the building, continuing to absorb heat, until it was possible to retrieve it. Before the test, measuring instruments and diskettes will have been placed in the safe. The instruments are read continuously during the test and the diskettes checked at the end to find out whether they have been damaged.

The second set of tests replicates a situation where a safe is installed on the fourth floor of a building, so that when a fire occurs the floors collapse, subjecting the safe to a combination of exposures to heat and falling four storeys.

Here, after the week in the climatic chamber, the safe is given 30 or 40 minutesexposure (depending again on the class of test) to 900°C, and is then dropped from a height of more than 9 metres on to a bed of stones. But this is not the end of the test. The safe is now placed in the oven once again. After a further 30 or 45 minutes the heat is turned off and, once the oven has cooled, the safe finally removed. Only now is it time to open the safe and check the diskettes.

In both sets of tests there are two particular requirements the inspectors are looking to find that the safes have satisfied. These are that the inside temperature has at no point risen by more than 30°C, and that at the end of the tests the humidity has risen to no more than 85%.

All the Rosengrens RCC Range passed these tests, and so should easily satisfy the forthcoming European stan­dards applying to data safes. What this means for you is an assurance that your data media can be well protected, and your information made secure.

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