Chubb Fire File 4406


Chubb Fire Protection Filing Cabinets
Fire File 4000 Series 

All organisations have vital documents which would be difficult or impossible to replace in the event of a serious fire. Sales ledgers, Purchase ledgers, Stock records, Title Deeds, Register of Shareholdings, Pension Fund Records, Salary Records, Product Formulations and other technical data. Light steel filing cabinets and old safes do not provide sufficient protection against this hazard.

The Chubb Fire File with modern styling and high quality finish is designed to give protection where it is needed — at the point of use. A sound investment for every company.

The drawers are fitted with suspension rails adjustable for either foolscap, folio or A4 filing wallets. The internal drawer length of 674mm (26.5in) gives extra storage capacity.

Chubb has unrivalled experience in fire protection. The performance of Chubb equipment has been proved in many office fires throughout the World.

The drawer slide mechanism has been thoroughly life tested with a 25kg (521b) load by being opened and closed 60,000 times: equivalent to over 25 years of very frequent use. Even if one of the drawers is left open by mistake, the other closed drawers are still protected by the fire resistant partitions between each drawer. The drawers will not open accidentally in a fire, even if the cabinet is not locked.

The action on the cylinder keylock is push button. All drawers may be locked, but, with the exception of the top drawer, each can be isolated from the lock by turning a catch on the side of the drawer. This independent locking feature is unique to the Chubb Fire File.


In addition to our own fire testing at the Wolverhampton factory, the Fire File has been tested and endorsed by the World’s leading independent laboratories.

The Fire File has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratory in Chicago and awarded their Class 350 1 hour label for protecting paper documents from a severe fire. The tests include a furnace exposure at temperatures up to 927°C (1, 700°F) after which the red hot cabinet is allowed to cool slowly in the furnace to simulate being buried in hot rubble. In a fire the floor could collapse, so the test also includes dropping a red hot cabinet 30 feet (9.1 metres) onto rubble followed by reheating in the furnace to check that the cabinet still provides fire protection. The Chubb Fire File passes this test without the need for an impact absorbing plinth, due to the high integral strength of its design.

After testing, the four drawer Fire File was awarded the coveted VDMA S60P 1 hour label. The tests included furnace exposure at up to 925°C (1697°F) followed as in the UL test by a slow furnace cool. Again, the drop test is achieved without a plinth. The VDMA label also entails regular factory inspections to ensure that standards are maintained.

The Swedish National Testing Authority has awarded the Chubb File their A90 paper protection label following a 1½ hour furnace test at up to 986°C (1807°F).

GB: There is no British standard specifically for testing fire protection cabinets, however, the standard time-temperature curve as specified in BS476 part B and ISO R834 is used to determine the furnace temperatures in both the VDMA and Swedish tests

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