Tann Fortress 44/3520

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  • External measurements : H 1131mm x W 750mm x D 782mm
  • Internal measurements : H 889mm x W 508mm x D 508mm
  • Weight : 1640 KG
  • Cash Protection Value : £35k
  • Fire Rating : 0
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Patient research and development, rigorous testing and 175 years international leadership in bank security engineering have preceded the Fortress Safe. Once, only bankers needed the heavy security safes built by John Tann. Now, nothing less than Tann security is demanded by commerce and industry, to combat modern risks.

The Fortress Safe fulfils the growing need for more massive and scientific protection to face up to the infinitely more daring and skilful attacks of the present-clay criminal using new and formidable weapons.

The overall thickness of the body is 4 1/2″ (114 mm) with a total protective metal thickness of 11/2″ (38 mm) throughout. It incorporates a reinforced monolith of blowtorch and drill-resistant material, together with over 1 ” (25 mm) of special heavy duty alloy resistant to oxygen cutting, drills, and other methods of attack. This alloy is reinforced to give impact resistance and in turn protects an inner shell of 3/16″ (5 mm) steel continuously welded. A unique form of interlocking construction within the massive body defies delamination techniques.

The total thickness of the door is 6″ (152 mm) with a constant protective metal thickness of 2 1/2″ (63 mm) over the whole door. Over 1 3/4″ (27 mm) of special heavy-duty alloy resistant to oxygen-cutting, drills, and other methods of attack is incorporated, plus copper for added flame-cutting protection. The alloy is specially reinforced to give impact resistance. The general construction of the door has been rigorously tested and proved highly resistant to explosive attack whether central or at the edges.

The boltwork is of a most advanced type developed, tested and officially approved for top security requirements. It incorporates several anti-explosive and other automatic relocking devices for protection against various methods of attack. The heart of the system is a special protection plate which immediately responds to pressure, impact or excessive heat. These devices secure the bolts in the locked position in the event of attack. The bolts, of 1 1/2″ (38 mm) bright drawn steel are located at leading edge, the top and the bottom of the door. Fixed bolts integral with the door shell secure the rear edge. The mechanism is controlled by 9-lever high security lock(s) with double bitted key with detachable bits, or alternatively combination lock(s) can be fitted.

The safe is normally supplied secured by one keylock but alternatively, two keylocks can be fitted if required. Similarly one or two combination locks in lieu of keylock can be fitted, or an arrangement offering control by means of one keylock and one combination lock.

Keylocks are nine lever high-security locks with detachable double-bitted keys, normally supplied in duplicate. Combination locks offer 4-wheel type with over 100,000,000 different combinations. Time locks may be fitted if required, in conjunction with any of the above locking arrangements.

The safe is handsomely finished in textured two-tone with dark blue body and dove grey door. A stainless steel control panel is provided. The convenient pull handle is finished in stainless steel and a satin chrome bolt throwing handle is mounted on the control panel. A wide range of interior fittings including drawers, cupboards and adjustable shelves is available.

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