Tann TSB Super Bullion 1600S


TSB Tann Super Bullion Safe

This safe is designed to succeed the Bullion Mk 7 and represents a value-for-money heavy duty unit giving protection of considerable strength against explosive, oxygen cutting, drilling and other prevalent forms of attack. Very suitable for medium grade bank risks and commercial security, it has an extremely tough body and door construction.

The body comprises a monolithic structure with an overall thickness on all sides of 125mm (5″). Each protective side contains drill and torch resistant alloy with minimum thickness of 25mm (1″) with a maximum of 45mm (1 25/36″) in bolt locking areas. The alloy slab construction is so designed to give an interlocking arrangement at each joint line giving adequate protection against delamination. Cavities between alloy slabs and outer skin are filled with Tann Adamantium. As a final protection against skinning, steel grids are welded to the inside face of the outer body plates suitably embedded within the Adamantium.

The door is so constructed to give a total thickness over lock and boltwork of 120mm (4 3/4″) of which 45mm (1 3/4″) is metal content comprising high quality steel inner and outer plates with a 30mm (1 1/8″) thick alloy and inclusion protective barrier. The remainder of door filling includes a secondary barrier of Adamantium.

Full protection against delamination is given by integral anchors within the alloy barrier. Additional protective plates are incorporated within the lock chamber area to guard against side attack on locks.

Furniture and finish
The safe, both externally and internally, is finished in an attractive semi-gloss fawn colour, with black cross panel and bright finish furniture.

Lock and Boltwork
The boltwork of the TSB safe is a three-way locking system with fixed dog bolts on the rear edge of the door.

Each shoot bolt engages an individual pocket to secure the door to the body structure.

In standard form the locking is effected by two locks, either Tann series 20 nine lever keylocks, or four number code combination locks. Both locks operate live relocking devices. Full glass plate protection is given to the sensitive areas of the lockwork. Connected to the glass plate by seven strand stainless steel wire are two dead relocking devices, one of which is positioned at random.

The dead relocking system incorporates a thermal trigger which in the event of any heat generating attack will fire a dead relocking device.

It must be noted that all relocking devices when fired become cross locked.

A two movement timelock may be incorporated into the locking system on all sizes with the exception of the 575 size.

Internal fittings
A full range of internal fittings is available; the range includes adjustable shelves, single and double drawer units, and cupboards, full details of which are available on request.

All sizes of the TSB safe are provided with floor anchoring facilities.

Additional information

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