Tann Diamond 58/4620

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  • External measurements : H 1474mm x W 813mm x D 775mm
  • Internal measurements : H 1169mm x W 508mm x D 407mm
  • Weight : 3048 KG
  • Volume : 241.7 L
  • Cash Protection Value : £100k
  • Fire Rating : 0
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The most powerful in the unbeaten John Tann range of heavy safes.

Not many of these incomparable units are built in the course of a year. They are not in regular production — each safe is individually created with supreme patience and skill. No refinement in security engineering technology is omitted, from massive shell construction of specially cast alloys to sensitive devices actuated automatically by assault.

Total body thickness (sides, top, bottom and back) is 5 3/4. A composite, metal monolithic cast inner shell of not less than 3″ thickness overall is encased in specially compacted and steel mesh reinforced anti-penetration material of at least 2 1/4 ” thickness, the outer and inner steel shells are both 1/4″ thick.

Total door thickness is 8 1/2″ with a minimum of 5 1/2″ of solid metal and ceramic protection over the entire door area.

The door is secured by 1 1/2″ dia. bright drawn steel sliding bolts at the front, top and bottom, which engage behind rebates which are integral parts of the inner body. The rear edge of the door is secured by fixed bolts which engage behind a similar rebate. Special highly sensitive devices included in the boltwork mechanism give continual protection should the locks be forcibly disturbed, by explosive or other means.

The boltwork is secured by a Tann high security keylock, supplied complete with stainless steel detachable bitted keys in duplicate. Also one four-wheel combination lock with 100,000,000 changes of combination. This lock is fitted with spyproof dial and dial check lock.

Alternative locking arrangements are available.

Time lock can be fitted if required.

Furniture, Fittings and Finish
Stainless steel pull handle, handle brackets, and control panel, together with matching bright finish of the Combination Lock dial, and keylock escutcheons contrast pleasantly with the two-tone grey safe finish. Internal side panels provide slotted adjustment for shelves and/or drawers or cupboards.

Thermic Lance Deterrent
Special devices to deter attack by this formidable weapon are incorporated.

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