Chubb Commerce EDR 3420

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  • External measurements : H 1092mm x W 749mm x D 762mm
  • Internal measurements : H 863mm x W 508mm x D 482mm
  • Weight : 1092 KG
  • Volume : 211 L
  • Cash Protection Value : £10k
  • Fire Rating : 0
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Chubb Commerce EDR Safe
The Commerce EDR Safe is an advanced design for burglar and fire protection embodying many new features. ‘Explosive and Drill Resisting’, as the name implies, it represents the very best security value obtainable in a medium-priced safe. The door, locking, boltwork and body specifications are the result of intensive study, research and testing over a period of years and are backed by the Chubb reputation for high quality and reliability.

Features of Construction

  • Extra thick slab of new special anti-drill material protects vital points of locking and boltwork in the door.
  • Advanced boltwork design ensures maximum resistance to explosive attack.
  • Strongest known methods of body assembly afford high security against drills, cutters and explosives.


The overall thickness of the door is 6 3/4 in (171 mm). Constructed from thick inner and outer plates and including the special anti-drill material, a composite slab 1 13/16 in (46 mm) thick protects the vital locking and boltwork on the inside of the door. Fire protection is built-in as part of the door design.

Boltwork and Locking
Heavy cylindrical sliding bolts 1 1/2 in (38 mm) dia., extend from all four sides of the door to ensure its solidarity with the body. The number of bolts at each side varies between three and five, according to safe size, whilst there are always two at top and bottom, an important feature in resisting burglary attack.

On turning the key of the famous 7-lever Chubb keylock, or locking the Chubb 4-wheel keyless combination lock, the boltwork is disconnected from the external handwheel. Any attempt to force entry by dislodging the lock (e.g. explosives in keyhole) is thereby defeated, since with the drive disengaged, there is no means of retracting the four-way main bolts.

Other devices incorporated with the locking mechanism ensure that the boltwork remains positively locked in the extended position under various types of attack.

The overall thickness of the body is 4 1/4 in (108 mm), consisting of inner and outer shells, continuously welded and overlapped at the door aperture, the bolt sockets being formed through the overlap to ensure maximum body-to-door strength. The thickest steel plate is on the inside, where it affords most protection against burglary attack. Fire-resisting material is incorporated.

Light and dark grey enamels are used in a high-quality finish, other colours being available at extra cost. The bolt throwing handwheel is satin-chrome plated to blend with the stainless steel control mounting panel, with escutcheons or keyless combination lock dials to match.

The fittings supports are formed in the side of the safe lining, designed so that all fittings are adjustable at 1 in (25 mm) intervals.

Shelves are flanged on four sides for extra strength and are slid into position over bearers hanging in support slots on each side.

Drawers are mounted between two shelves except at the bottom position when only one shelf above is necessary. They are available as one full width drawer or drawers, side by side.

Cupboards are mounted similarly, available with inside heights of 9 in (229 mm), 12 in (305 mm) or 15 in (380 mm),

Both drawers and cupboards are secured by Chubb keylocks with keys in duplicate.

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