Adolphs Ageless AED 85 Class 2 Data Protection Cabinet


Adolphs Ageless Data Protection Cabinets – AED series

  • DUPLEX system for combined fire- and burglar-proofness
  • Fire-proofness for data carriers up to 1090° C, EN 1047-1
  • Insurance cover up to € 400.000
  • Capacity for up to 18.900 data carriers
  • Reliable protection against conflagration gases, magnetism, humidity and explosions

Data protection cabinets distinguish themselves for their utmost fire- and burglar-proofness. In order to meet your company-specific needs, individual fittings and the combination of several safety devices, e.g. lock systems, alarm systems, are possible.

Features of Performance

Protection against fire in accordance with EN 1047-1
Protection against fire through sandwich construction with high-quality insulants

Tested burglar proofness in accordance with EN 1143-1

Protection against explosives
Optimum protection against explosions

Protection against hazards caused by magnetism

Optimum protection against vandalism

Shatter proof
Shatter test from 9.15 m height in accordance with EN 1047-1

Tilt resistance
With doors open and drawers extracted

Protection against penetration of smoke and aggressive conflagration gases

Sealing system for water
Contents are e.g. protected against water for fire fighting

Wraparound locking through 25mm twistlock

Preparation for alarm systems
Preparation for connection to alarm systems (without electronic parts) optional, from WG III on as a standard feature

Monitored by the TUV (Technical Inspection Agency)

Accident protection
Warranty for tested accident protection

Our safes come with a two-way safety lock as a standard feature. Alternatively all models are available with a mechanical or electronic code lock.

Data carriers are stored drawers with flexible compartments. Files are stored on shelves. Individual features and fittings are available on request.

The cabinets are delivered in RAL 7015 slate grey and RAL 7035 light grey as standard colours. Each cabinet is available with optional silver or black fittings. On request all RAL-colours are available at extra charge.

Additional information

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