Centurian Waterloo W5


The Waterloo free standing safe has been designed incorporating developments which give great protection against attack and fire where a cash cover of up to £4,000 is found appropriate.


The inner and outer body of the Waterloo free standing safe is constructed from BS high grade 12 gauge steel to give a total metal thickness of 5mm (7/32″). Both the inner and outer bodies are electrically welded together to form one solid unit. creating a cavity of a 100mm (3 3/4″).

The cavity of the safe is filled using a special quality controlled anti-penetration fire and thief resisting material.

The door is constructed using a 10mm (3/8″) solid steel front plate and is backed by a 4.5mm (3/16) inner plate covering the complete door. An additional 12.5mm (1/2″) drill resisting plate protects the vital locking area and a further 25mm (1″) quality controlled anti-penetration concrete is placed in between both the inner and outer plate to give a total door thickness of 87mm (3 1/2″).

The boltwork is constructed from front moving bolts and fixed rear back dogs, both of which are of a 29mm (11/8″) diameter. The moving front bolts when thrown lock approximately 25mm (1″) behind the strengthened and rebated inner lining. (The rebate of which is 37.5mm (11/2″).

Standard locking is provided by a high quality 7 lever lock. Optional locking is available if required.

A spring loaded anti-explosive device (AED) is permanently in place protecting the lock and boltwork should an attack or explosion occur.

All safes are fitted with provision for 2 base anchoring bolts to a concrete or wooden floor. Rear anchoring is available upon request.

All safes are finished in a hammerite finish.

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