Chatwood Diamond Quality C



Every conceivable contingency has been effectually provided against in the design and construction of the “Special Diamond” Quality Safe. Without exaggeration it may be said that this Safe affords the greatest degree of security possible to obtain at any price. 

This model is particularly recommended as offering that degree of protection required by banking establishments, diamond merchants, and any firms or persons having in their possession large amounts of gold, notes, or jewellery. 

The defensive armour of ” Intersected ” Steel, which entirely encloses the ” Special Diamond ” Safe, has proved itself (under numerous extreme tests) to be absolutely impregnable to the oxy-acetylene blow-pipe and all other known methods of attack. 

The Safe is constructed of The Chatwood ” Intersected ” Steel of a minimum thickness of 3-in. 

The body consists of two safes placed one within the other, each 1/2 in thick, of best steel boiler plate, and each bent solid at all corners. The outer body is lined with a 1/2 in. steel plate having conical recesses formed all over its inner surface, and consequently the hard unannealable intersecting metal, 2-in. thick, which is run in between in a molten state upon a network of steel wire, has conical projections on its outer surface embedded in the wrought steel. The total thickness of the body is 3-in. 

The door frame is formed by the solid flanges of the front part of the body, in conjunction with massive steel forgings forming the frame in which the bolts are housed. 

The door is of The Chatwood Conically ” Intersected ” Steel, 4-in. thick. The outer wrought-steel plate, 1-in. thick, has conical recesses formed on its inner surface, and the unannealable intersecting metal has on its outer surface conical projections embedded in the wrought steel. 

The lock-case is The Chatwood Solid Flange Steel Tee Lock-case formed of a heavy steel casting. 

The door is secured at the back, front, top and bottom by massive round steel bolts, 2-in, diameter. 

All bands and centres forming the hinges have their wearing parts carefully machined, and afterwards hardened to reduce friction and wear to a minimum. 

The bolts are secured by two of The Chatwood ” Invincible ” Unpickable Locks, both being double bitted and double bolted, and by one of the Chatwood 5-Spindle Combination Letter Locks. The latter also closes the keyholes by means of eccentric revolving hardened cast-steel keyhole plugs, thus preventing the insertion of explosives or the fraudulent use of duplicate keys. 

The Safe is fitted with fireproof chambers charged with the most perfect steam-generating and non-conducting composition. The door chamber is hinged on to the lock-case and secured by one or more locks. 

The Safe is fitted with an inner light steel door, covering the whole of the interior, and secured by one of the Chatwood ” Invincible ” Spring Locks. 

The materials, workmanship, and finish are of the highest quality. 

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