Chatwood Milner Document W 3325



Company records and books are the very life-blood of every business, large or small. Should these documents be destroyed the loss is irreparable – they can never be replaced. The everyday risk of FIRE in all business premises and homes should not be over-looked or under-estimated. In an actual fire neither the course nor the temperature can be anticipated and the point of attack by flames at their fiercest can never he foreseen.

It therefore follows that a safe, to be SAFE, must be so constructed that it will not only withstand the fiercest fire from any direction, but also resultant risks from fall and impact, which have equally disastrous consequences.

It is on this principle that Chatwood-Milner Safes are made.

The Document Safe is strongly constructed of toughened steel the body consisting of a single steel plate, bent at all twelve corners. The area between the outer and inner bodies and the door chamber are filled with improved moisture-generating, non-conducting, fire-resisting composition: the superiority of which is unsurpassed. The tough steel door plates have additional protection of hardened steel over vital parts The door is secured by steel sliding bolts at .he front and continuous mixed bar at the back and is controlled by a Chatwood-Milner six-lever unpickable key-lock. Combination locks with three tumblers can be fitted in lieu of, or in addition to the key-lock when required. The attractive colour is steel grey outside and silver grey inside, with furniture in a silver finish.

Chatwood-Milner “Document” Safes with double-doors are of the same construction as the single-door models and are available in two sizes. Three-drawer fitments and full-width steel shelves, each adjustable at one inch pitch from top to bottom, can be supplied to meet your requirements.

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