Chatwood Milner Duplex Anti Blowpipe Chubb HW



Designed for use when a high degree of protection is required, the Chatwood-Milner “Duplex” Anti-Blowpipe Safes are particularly suitable for use where large amounts of money and valuables have to be stored. They are strongly recommended by Insurance Companies in view of their known success in withstanding many actual cases of burglarious attack.

The most searching and drastic tests were imposed on this new type of safe to ensure great resistance to all form of attack, whether it be blowpipe, drill, explosive or fire and fall.

Features of the construction are the complete surrounding of the safe with anti-blowpipe and drill-resisting alloy, and the thickness of the metal used in the construction of the door. The locking mechanism and boltwork is of new improved design and an automatic re-locking device gives protection against explosives.

The heat-resisting material used has been tested and proved in many actual fires and frequent tests are carried out under independent supervision.

Designed by engineers hacked with offer 140 years experience of security engineering. the “Duplex” Anti-Blowpipe Safe gives great protection for a moderate cost.


The total thickness of the body is 4 1/2″ (114 mm). The body is of 24 bend construction the door frame and locking re-bates being an integral part. The outer body and back plate of Sienten’s steel are electrically welded to form a one piece body. The body of the safe has a total metal thickness of 1 5/16″ (33 mm) including the 1″ (25 mm) Chatwood-Milner special drill and blowpipe resisting alloy. The space between the outer and inner bodies of the safe is filled with our patent heat insulating material.

The total thickness of the door is 6 1/2″ (165 mm). the 1″ (25 mm) thick blow pipe and drill-resisting alloy between plates of Siemen’s steel giving a total metal thickness of 1 15/16″ (49 mm). The fire resisting chamber at the back is hinged and fastened with screws (if combination locks are fitted, the chamber is secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate).

The door is securely held in its seating by steel sliding bolts 1 1/2″ (38 mm) diameter at the front edge and by fixed bolts at the back, all fully protected by the armour of the body when the door is closed. The number of bolts varies from three to six each at the back and the front according to the size of the safe.

The sliding bolts are controlled by a Chatwood-Milner unpickable seven-lever lock with keys in duplicate. Various alternative lucking arrangements can be supplied. e.g. a combination lock in addition to the key lock, two combination locks, or two key locks. Combination locks can be fitted with anti-observation shields and check locks at additional cost if required. The boltwork provides for direct locking into the bolt throwing mechanism as well as secondary locking

Anti-Explosive & Relocking Device
This is fitted to provide protection against explosives, and ensures the door remaining securely locked in exent of the normal locks being blown off by explosives or other means.

Interior Fittings
Details of the various types of fittings are given on the opposite page. Shelves, drawers and cupboards are available.

The safes are painted inside and outside with high quality smoke grey enamel. All furniture is heavily chromium plated.

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