Chatwood Milner Duplex Drill Resisting FW


Chatwood Milner Duplex Drill Resisting FW
This new addition to the famous Chatwood-Milner Duplex range of safes has been designed to give particular security against attacks by drills and explosives, and provides protection against fire and the attendant risks of fall, impact and crushing from the collapse of buildings.
These safes embody special features, one of which is the incorporation of drill-resisting hardened steel plate between the inner and outer steel plate bodies of the safes, the door having similar protection. The locking mechanism and boltwork are of the latest improved Chatwood-Milner design and an automatic relocking device gives protection against explosives.
The Chatwood-Milner fire-resisting material used in the construction of the safe has been tested and proved in many actual fires. In spite of their massive construction, the safes are of attractive design and the smoke grey enamelled finish is in equal harmony with traditional or contemporary furnishing of offices.
Designed by specialists in the manufacture of security and fire-resisting equipment and backed by the experience and knowledge gained in over 140 years of safe and strong room making, these Chatwood-Milner safes give protection against burglary and fire at a moderate cost.


The total thickness of the body is 4″ (102 mm) to 4 1/2″ (114 mm). The body is of 24 bend construction, the door frame and locking rebates being an integral part. The outer body and the back plate are electrically welded to form a one piece unit, the space between the outer and the inner steel plate bodies incorporating the hardened drill resisting steel plate and our special heat insulating material.

The door has a total thickness of 6 1/2″ (165 mm), with a total solid metal thickness of 1″ (25 mm) over the lock and vital portions, the hardened drill resisting steel plate being embodied between two steel plates. The fire resisting chamber at the back of the door is hinged and fastened with screws (or by a keylock with keys in duplicate if a combination lock is fitted).

The door is securely held in its seating by steel sliding bolts, 1 1/2 (38 mm) diameter, at the front edge and by fixed bolts at the back. The number of bolts varies from three to six each at the back and the front according to the size of the safe.

The sliding bolts are controlled by a Chatwood-Milner seven-lever lock with keys in duplicate. Various alternative locking arrangements can he supplied, e.g. a combination lock in addition to the key lock. two combination locks, or two key locks. Combination locks can be fitted with anti-observation shields and check locks at additional cost if required. The boltwork provides for direct locking into the bolt throwing mechanism as well as secondary locking.

Anti-Explosive & Relocking Device
In the event of the normal locking control being disturbed by explosives, a secondary relocking device is automatically brought into operation.

Interior Fittings
Details of the various types of fittings are given on the opposite page. Shelves, drawers and cupboards are available.

The safes are painted inside and outside with high quality smoke grey enamel. All furniture is heavily chromium plated.

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