Chatwood Standard Securities Quality K



Fire, Fall and Thief Resisting. 

The Standard Quality Safe is recommended for all ordinary risks, the body being constructed of 1/2in. thick best boiler plate quality steel, solid at all twelve corners. 
The door is made of the same material and thickness, and the locks and boltwork additionally protected by a plate 3/8 in. thick of composite hardened HAMMER AND DRILL-RESISTING STEEL, making a total thickness of 7/8 in. 

The Chatwood “Invincible” unpickable lock secures the bolts. The fireproof chambers are 4-in. thick, and charged with the most perfect steam-generating and non-conducting composition procurable. 


The body of the Safe is 1/2 in. thick throughout of best steel Boiler plate, absolutely solid at all twelve corners, being bent cold out of the self-same plate. 
The back plate is put in from the front, before the door frame is fitted, and securely riveted to the back flanges, which are bent solid with the four sides of the Safe body. 

The door frame is formed by the solid flanges of the front part of the body, in conjunction with The Chatwood Steel Compound Angle Frame, in which the bolts are housed, which adds enormously to the strength and rigidity of the Safe. 

The door is of the best steel boiler plate 1/2 in. thick, and the lock and bolt-work are protected by a plate 3/8 in. thick of Composite Hardened Hammer and Drill-Resisting Steel, making a total thickness of 7/8 of an inch. 

The lock-case is The Chatwood Solid Flange Tee Steel Lock-Case, which, in conjunction with the Steel Compound Angle Frame, makes the Safe absolutely wedge and lever-proof. 

All bands and centres forming the hinges have their wearing parts carefully machined, and are afterwards hardened to reduce friction and wear to a minimum. 

The door is secured at the front by round steel bolts 1 1/2 in. diameter, and at the back by a Continuous Fixed Steel Bolt, which on the closing of the door passes radially behind the compound angle frame. 

The door is fitted with one of The Chatwood ” Invincible ” Unpickable locks, which secures the bolts. 

The Safe is fitted with fireproof chambers 4-in. thick, charged with the most perfect steam-generating and non-conducting composition. 

The materials, workmanship, and finish are of the highest quality. 

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