Chatwood Treasury



Fire, Fall, and Burglar Proof 

The Standard Treasury Quality affords protection against fire, fall from a height, and every known method of attack, including the oxyacetylene blow-pipe, having been specially designed for bankers and diamond merchants for use at branch banks, offices, etc., where a safe may be left unprotected at night or during the weekend. 
The Safe is made of Chatwood “Intersected” Steel, which has under tests proved impregnable to the finest drills, cutting tools, and the oxy-acetylene blow-pipe. The door is secured at the top, front and bottom by round steel bolts. It is fitted with two Chatwood Unpickable Key Locks controlled by the Chatwood Single Spindle Letter Lock. The keyholes are fitted with drill-resisting shields which prevent insertion of explosives and the fraudulent use of duplicate keys. 


The safe is constructed of “Intersected” Steel 2-in. thick on all sides. 

The body is solid at all corners. It consists of two safe bodies of best steel boiler plate, each 1/2 in. thick, bent solid at all corners, with the hard unannealable ” intersecting ” metal, 1-in. thick, cast between the two wrought bodies by being poured in molten upon a network of steel wire. 

The door frame is formed by the solid flanges of the front part of the body in conjunction with The Chatwood Steel Compound Angle Frame in which the bolts are housed. 

The door is of The Chatwood conically ” Intersected ” Steel, 2-in. thick. The outer wrought steel plate has conical recesses formed on its inner surface over the locks and bolt mechanism, and consequently the “intersecting” metal has on its outer surface conical projections embedded in the wrought steel. This combination cannot be penetrated by any description of drill or cutting tool. 

The lock-case is The Chatwood Solid Flange Tee Steel Lock-case and does not depend upon screws or rivets for its attachment to the door. 

The door is secured at front, top, and bottom by sliding bolts of round cold rolled steel, and at the back by a continuous solid bolt. 

The bolt mechanism is secured by two of The Chatwood “Invincible” Unpickable locks, one of them being their double-bitted lock, the keys of which cannot be copied from a wax impression, and by one of The Chatwood single spindle letter combination locks. The latter also closes the keyholes by means of steel shields. Keys are supplied in duplicate.

The safe is fitted with fireproof chambers charged with the most perfect steam-generating and non-conducting composition. 

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