Chubb Bankers TDR 6428/17


Product description

As its name suggests, the Bankers Treasury is a high security safe designed to protect large amounts of cash and other valuables. Advances in industrial cutting and demolition techniques have provided the modern safe burglar with an extensive armoury. The Bankers Treasury is the result of exhaustive research involving all known practical forms of attack. This safe provides excellent resistance to attacks with disc cutters, drills, percussion tools, oxy-acetylene, oxy-arc and explosives.

The door has a total thickness of 190mm. It consists of inner and outer steel plates enclosing Chubb Anti-Arc barrier. These give a total barrier thickness of 73mm. Chubb Anti-Arc material provides protection against all forms of oxygen cutting tools, including the very high temperature oxy-arc and arc-air tools. The door contains a high concentration of very hard abrasion resistant material which blunts drills and wears out discs, thus providing a very high level of protection against all practical forms of safe attack. The lock and boltwork are enclosed by a hinged lock case cover secured by two Chubb locks.

The body is a single monolithic casting of Chubb’s torch and drill resisting barrier, which is securely anchored to the inner steel plate. As in the door, this barrier contains a high concentration of abrasion resistant material.

BOLTWORK The door is secured by 38 mm diameter moving bolts which extend from all four sides of the door. When the safe is locked, Chubb’s design of isolator completely disconnects the bolt throwing handle from the bolts. The safe is fitted with glass and other types of relocker which ensure that the bolts remain extended under a variety of attacks.

Racking accepts the following optional fittings. • Heavy duty shelves • Lockable cupboards • Lockable drawers • Night safe and other deposit traps (sizes 3420 and over only). For details see table overleaf.

The safe is prepared for secure base fixing.

Attractive warm light grey spatter finish to suit any environment. The handle, trimplate and keyhole cover are a warm dark grey.

Additional information

Weight6426006209 kg