Chubb CS280 11


CS280 Data Cabinets MK2

The Chubb 280 range of data cabinets provides an ideal way to store all types of magnetic media and protect them against fire, dust, pilferage and accidental damage. All cabinets in the range carry the coveted VDMA S120DIS 2 hour fire test label and offer maximum storage capacity to ensure that your essential data has the best possible protection in the event of fire.

All units carry the VDMA S120 DIS 2 hour fire test label complying with the most stringent international fire testing standards and complying with European Standard EN1047-1. Test involves:

    • Furnace `Shock’ Exposure – placed into a furnace and subjected to temperatures of up to 1049°C
    • The unit is then subjected to a drop test of 9.1m and reheated
    • Furnace cool out as latent heat is still present within the unit
    • Continuous monitoring of the temperature throughout cool out period
    • Available in four sizes
    • Key locking as standard – other locking options available
    • Non-retracting key ensuring cabinet must be locked before removal of key
    • Wide range of fittings to suit many types of media

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