Chubb Profile 1HR 2DR


Chubb Profile 1 HR Series

The Profile Series offers a high level of protection for paper documents for 1 hour and has been subject to proving its effectiveness in many office situations around the world.

Proven fire performance independently tested
In addition to Chubb's own stringent fire testing and quality assurance procedures, these cabinets are independently tested by the Underwriters Laboratory Chicago USA Class 350, 1 hour label for protecting paper from fire.

  • Furnace exposure to 927°C
  • Slow cooling to simulate to being burned in hot rubble. This part of the test is vital as temperatures can rise once the cabinet is out of direct contact with the fire as heat is still present
  • Withstanding a 9.1m drop test duplicating conditions of a floor collapse in a fire. A shock absorbing plinth provides maximum impact absorption in the case of a floor collapse
  • At no stage during the test did the internal temperature of the cabinet exeed the safe storage temperature for paper: 170°C
  • Heavy duty drawer slides are fully 'life-tested' and a day catch fitted to each drawer ensures that they stay shut even if the cabinet is unlocked during a fire. Drawers are designed to ensure smooth operation

Protection built-in
Each drawer is individually protected from fire. Even if one of the drawers is accidentally left open, the other closed drawers are still protected by the built-in, fire resistant partitions.

Large capacity
The drawers are fitted with sturdy 'suspension files, adjustable to accommodate foolscap or A4 filing wallets.

Unique locking
The action on the key lock is push button and all drawers may be locked. Unique to the Chubb Fire File is the fact that, with exception of the top drawer, the other drawers can be isolated from the lock by turning a catch on the side.

Key lock as standard.

The Chubb Fire File is available in a choice of two, three or four drawer sizes.

Chubb Safes do not use asbestos in Profile Series cabinets.

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