Chubb Senator 3000 4


SENATOR a high quality cash safe

Are you looking for a high quality safe which can be insured for cash up to the value of £3,000? Well, the Senator does just that. Available in five sizes, the Senator includes a wide range of quality features whilst providing fire protection of 30 minutes. The quality features all combine to provide a durable and reliable product for cash protection.

Offers 30 minutes fire protection for documents. Tested to British Standard BS476. Intumescent seals expand when heated to prevent the ingress of flame and smoke should the safe be exposed to fire.

The Senator range is secured by a single, high security, double bitted keylock as standard. The option of a single mechanical or electronic combination lock in lieu of the keylock is available.

The entire body has an effective barrier thickness of 65mm. It is made up of an inner and outer body of steel encasing a Chubb safes high density barrier material.

The door is constructed from a 10mm steel plate with additional protection over the locking cover.

Moving, 28.5 mm diameter, solid steel bolts on the front edge of the door engage securely into the safe body. Fixed bolts on the rear edge of the door locate behind a solid rebate bar and secure the rear of the door into the body of the safe. The boltwork is further protected by an anti-explosion device to ensure bolts remain firmly in place should an attack on the lock occur.

A steel bush is welded in the safe base to accept a Chubb-specified high tensile, heavy duty anchor bolt.

Recommended £3000 cash rating. Approved by the Association of Burglary Insurance Surveyors.

Each of the Senator models is available in five sizes.

The safe is finished in a light grey texture. Escutcheons, combination dials, keypad and handle are finished in black.

Comes with fittings of shelf and drawer as standard. Please note, some sizes may not include certain fittings. For example, the Senator 3000 model includes a shelf as standard in all sizes except size 1. However, the Senator 3000 does not accept a drawer in any of its sizes.

Attractive design with Chubb Safes handle for comfortable and smooth operation

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