Chubb Warwick


Chubb Warwick Safe

The Warwick Safe is designed to give a high degree of protection against fire and burglary and is ideal for shopkeepers, branches of chain stores, small businesses and private houses.

Special features:

  • Hardened drill?resisting steel completely surrounds the safe.
  • Emergency relocking device to secure the bolts if explosives are used on the lock.
  • All round fire protection, including the back of the door.
  • Strong and rigid construction.
  • Best quality CHUBB seven-lever lock with monitor action
  • Steel base fixing attachments


Overall body thickness of 34" (89 mm) with an outer plate of tough Siemens steel, an inner lining of specially toughened drill-resisting steel, and a filling of solid fire-resisting material.

Overall thickness of 3 3/8" (85 mm), the Siemens steel door-plate being reinforced over its whole area by a specially toughened drill-resisting steel plate and by a further plate over the lock and vital parts, giving a total thickness of 15/16 (24 mm). A steel pan of fire-resisting material is fixed to the back of the door to complete the all-round fire protection.

Three 1 1/8" (29 mm) diameter moving bolts are secured by a CHUBB best quality seven-lever lock. A second keylock can be fitted if required, or a three-wheel keyless lock in lieu of the keylock.

Fixed dog bolts on the rear edge of the door engage behind the door frame. A vital feature is the special relocking mechanism which keeps the bolts in the closed position if an attempt is made to dislodge the lock by explosives.

Medium grey matt.

One full-width drawer at bottom can be fitted if required. The inside height ofthe drawer is 3 7/8" (98 mm) and the overall height of the drawer fitment is 5" (127 mm).

An effective base anchoring device is available as an optional extra. This can be combined with the steel stand as illustrated.

Additional information

Weight 6426006209 kg