Churchill Challenger 2717


Challenger Free Standing Safe

To extend the choice of physical security the NEW CHALLENGER free standing safe has been introduced.

The extension of trading hours during week days and weekends have warranted a further extension of cash cover. The increases in metal strength in the inner and outer casing, plus the combined concrete and reinforcement, strengthening the whole body area, gives the safe an increased degree of protection.

The door, with its massive hinges to support the concrete and steel construction, has been designed to resist a determined modern day attack.

Drill protection over the door, and glass plate installed in a sensitive area, resisting the most modern form of attack.

The massive locking bolts retain the door 4 ways. The moving bolts throw in 3 directions, whilst the fixed dogging bolts hold the door securely on the hinged side.

The safe is supplied with a 9 lever high quality safe lock as standard. A 3 wheel combination lock can be factory fitted as a locking alternative.

Produced in 5 sizes weighing from 329 kilos (6 1/2 cwt) to 986 kilos nearly 1 tonne, it has the qualities needed to meet modern day requirements for extended cash cover.

Challenger finished in azure blue hammer.

Additional information

Weight6426006209 kg