Cox List B 4


List B Quality “Super” Fire and Thief Resisting Safe

Ordered in large quantities by Public and Municipal Authorities and Co-operative Societies throughout the country, this safe is constructed to give the highest possible protection against Fire and Thieves. Whilst we do not claim that any of our productions are Fire and Thief-Resisting for an indefinite period, we do claim they give the highest and best possible strength and protection.

The Safe is of immense strength, the outer and inner Safe each being constructed of 1/4 in. solid steel plate, and the whole being electrically welded into one solid unit.

The front of the Safe is constructed from very heavy steel bars, welded inside and out to body of Safe. The rebate bars are of immense strength, into which the 1 1/2 in. diameter sliding bolts, fitted to front and back of door, engage. These, in their turn, are locked by two seven-lever, powder proof and unpickable block locks. The whole of the mechanism is protected with armour plate steel, and an AUTOMATIC LOCKING device which immediately comes into action if the lock is dislodged by explosives or by any other means.

The Door is of 3/4 in. solid steel, hung on hardened steel centres and cups.

The Lock and Bolt Chambers are of ample strength, welded to door.

The Chamber between the inner and outer Safe is packed with specially tested fire-resisting composition, which has been subjected to the severest tests.

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