Cox Pacific 4


THE PACIFIC is a quality torch and drill resisting safe, built to a high specification in both materials and design. The revolutionary Coxgear security bolt mechanism and re-locking devices are positioned to hold the door secure against all forms of attack.


Body — Protective thickness 127 mm. Comprising electrically welded outer and inner heavy steel casings enclosing superior torch and drill resisting barrier materials, together with a shield of anti-penetration monolith.

Door — Overall thickness 160 mm. A build up of torch and drill resisting alloy plus anti-penetration concrete is provided over the total door area. The Coxgear boltwork directly locks the main barrier material of the door into the body, completing a door/body interlock. This protects all of the boltwork, lock and relocking mechanisms.

Lock — The Cox duplex boltwork is independently secured by 2, quality 9 lever anti-pick keylocks.

Facilities — Combination locks, time locks, adjustable shelves, lockable drawers and cupboards, night deposit.

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Weight6426006209 kg