Dudley Conway C4



The Conway range of wallsafe, available in 7 sizes, is constructed to give high protection for small valuables and cash.

The body is constructed of 5mm B.S. high grade steel electrically welded to form one solid unit. A 10mm bright drawn bar is used for the bolt to lock under which is electrically welded to the inside of the wall safe. Also a 12mm x 12mm angle iron bar is fitted to the width of both top and bottom of the safe giving a stable frame for the door to rest on thus giving greater protection against heavy hammers being used to gain access.

Constructed of 10mm solid steel plate with 6mm drill resisting plate protecting the locking area.

6mm High Tensile pins are used to secure the door to the body. The door plate is thickened to 16mm in this area.

A high quality 7 lever lock is used on all sizes. All keys are supplied in duplicate.

Spring green or silver blue.

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