Epic Endeavour 2916



Overnight Cash Cover up to £35,000

Top of the range, the Endeavour features special torch and drill resistant castings in both door and body in addition to high grade aggregates for ultimate protection against the most determined and sophisticated attack.

Designed to withstand torch drilling and tool attack the Endeavour is for use in extremely high risk areas.

Constructed from a total thickness of 9mm steel, the outer and inner bodies are welded together to form a solid unit with a total thickness of over 90mm. The cavity contains torch and tool resisting slabs tied directly to inner body and welded together to form one unit. The body is further protected by high strength aggregates evenly distributed by use of super plastercisers and ties to tie concrete to outer body.

The door is constructed from a total thickness of 9 mm steels electrically welded together to produce a solid unit. Contained in the door is a tool and torch resisting casting tied directly to the inner door plate. Further protection is in the from high strength aggregates distributed evenly by the use of super plastercisers.

30mm diameter polished steel bolts moving in 3 directions lock deep into the body forming an immovable barrier. The high security lock is protected by a glass plate with one live and three passive anti-explosives devices.

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