Epic Nova 1812


EPIC NOVA – Overnight Cash Rating £4,500

The inner and outer body are constructed from 2.2mm BS High Grade Steel electrically welded together to form one solid unit. The cavity between the inner and outer lining which is 73mm is filled with a solid fire and theft resisting monolith. Base fixing as standard.

Constructed using a 10mm solid steel plate with an overall thickness of 80mm

The 1412, 1616, and 1812 have 2 front moving bolts and 2 fixed dog bolts. The 2316 and 2916 have 3 front moving and 3 fixed dog bolts. The 3520 have 4 front moving bolts and 4 fixed dog bolts. Front moving bolts and fixed rear dog bolts are made from 30mm solid steel that lock securely into the inner lining.

The door is locked using a high quality lock with an additional live anti-explosive device (AED) which is permanently in place ready to be activated should an attack or explosion occur. Double-bitted keys available.

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Weight6426006209 kg