Euro Fox Safes EF2206


Traditional EuroFox Safes locks involve keys. Wertheim exclusively uses checked double-bit locks. Only adjustable double-bit locks are used for grade III and above.

EuroFox Safes number combination locks are code-based and are free of the technicalities of key depositing. Number combination locks are used manually by turning a dialing knob to the correct position.

EuroFox Safes  electronic locks, the most recent technical innovation, have very high security standards and offer the most user-friendly operation through the use of a keypad unit that requires a code. Batteries are included with the units.

All EuroFox Safes  were tested against mechanical and thermal burglary devices by the independent testing institute, VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH based in Cologne, Germany. All Wertheim products passed the high testing standards of the CEN Norm EN 1143-1 and were certified to the appropriate resistance levels. Wertheim safes can therefore be used and insured in nearly all European countries.

The ECBS label confirms the adherence of EuroFox products to European standards. ECBS certification is determined by testing in accordance with the European Norm EN 1143-1 for products protecting valuables against burglary.
VSÖ – Verband der Sicherheitsunternehmen Österreichs
All EourFox safes are examined and certified by the VSÖ. All valuables in a Wertheim safe in Austria can be insured according to the VSÖ guidelines.

Euro Fox Safes Dimensions
Fundamentally, there is the question of what you would like to put in your safe. Valuables like money, jewelry, photo- or video equipment, savings books, stocks, documents, data, etc. are often irreplaceable and should be stored in certified and insured safes. The EuroFox Safes product range offers a safe for every demand. When choosing a safe, keep in mind that your desired storage space may increase in the future.

Euro Fox Safes Location
Safes: Choose a place for your safe that is preferably concealed from view. Take care of the environmental conditions such as temperature, air humidity, and floor load bearing capacity. If installing the safe in furniture, make sure that furniture’s load bearing capacity is sufficient and a professional anchoring through the rear wall or floor is possible. For free standing safes of minimal height, you have the option of putting them on a certified pedestal to allow for a more user-friendly access. Wall safes: They should be located in places where there is a sufficiently thick wall, such as the area under stairs. Walls containing chimneys are not suitable for the installation of wall safes (see also instructions for installation, page 22). You can designate the height of the installation in a way that maximizes the comfort of handling the locking system.

Euro Fox Safes Anchoring
All safes weighing less than 1000 kg must be equipped with an option to install an anchoring device according to EN 1143-1. Wertheim equips all safes with ground anchoring. Safes of grade I and II have an additional anchoring alternative in the rear wall. Safes weighing less than 1000 kg are delivered with anchoring material. For ground floor anchoring (preferably on a load bearing concrete ground floor – a floor anchoring on a stone or clay floor is insufficient), make sure that there is no tubing or wiring below or behind the chosen area. A statement of conformity of anchoring with the requirements must be presented to the insurer in order to claim the full amount of coverage (dependent on the insurance terms). To ensure an approved anchoring and installation of a safe, use of qualified technicians is recommended.

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