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Amsterdam Safe

The Amsterdam free-standing Fire and Theft Safe has been designed for domestic and small commercial use where medium cash amounts and valuables need to be protected at a very affordable price.

The inner and outer lining are both made from 2 mm BS High Grade Steel electrically welded together to form one solid unit. The cavity between the inner and outer lining which is 58 mm (2 1/4) is filled with a solid fire and thief resisting monolith. Base fixing is provided as standard on all sizes.

The door is constructed using a 8 mm (5/16″) solid steel plate and has an overall thickness of 68 mm (2 3/4″). A 6 mm (1/4″) hardened plate covers the vital locking area. A thermal chamber is housed to rear of the door for greater fire protection.


  • The A1 has 2 front moving bolts and 2 fixed dog bolts.
  • The A2 has 3 front moving bolts and 3 fixed dog bolts.
  • The A3 has 4 front moving bolts and 4 fixed dog bolts.
  • The A4 has 5 front moving bolts and 5 fixed dog bolts.
  • The A5 and A6 have 6 front moving bolts and 6 fixed dog bolts.

Both front moving bolts and fixed rear back dogs are made from 28 mm (1 1/8″) solid steel that lock securely into a strengthened and rebated inner lining.

The door is locked using a high quality 7 lever lock with an additional live anti explosive device (AED) which is permanently in place ready to be activated should an attack or explosion occur. Alternative multiple locking systems area available.

All safes are finished in an attractive Bronze and Charcoal Grey.

Cash cover
up to £2,000 — Jewellery £20,000

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