Fichet Bauche Arden 2 110



The constant nightmare of losing all your most precious possessions by theft or burglary could become a painful reality tomorrow.

The number of burglaries committed has increased steadily over recent years. Money, jewelry, chequebooks, credit cards, etc. are the first to be scrutinized, not to mention legal papers, contracts, identity cards, etc. which are also frequently stolen or vandalized.

By placing all you valuables in a professional-standard safe, you effec­tively protect them against theft, as well as fire. Your most precious pos­sessions are in security, discreetly concealed, yet permanently available.

ARDEN 2 safes, and their internal fittings, have a granular ash-grey lacquer finish. The aluminium alloy handle is anthracite grey.

Internal fittings include :

  • As standard – removable shelves, adjustable for height and locked in position when the door is closed.
  • On option – For the 110, 150, 225 and 350 models, internal cabinets closed by a security lock. For the 36, 66 and 110 models, cabinet pedestals on which the safes can be stood.

Anchorage :

  • Holes are provided for attachment to the floor and/or wall.

Officially Confirmed Protection

Against infraction :

  • The tests were carried out in the C.N.P.P. (1) Iaboratories. The tests involve a series of “real life” attacks against the walls, door, boltwork, etc. using various methods.
  • “A.2.P.” (2) qualification, certified by the A.P.S.A.I.R.D. (3).

Against fire :

  • The fire-resistance furnace test were carried out in the C.T.I.C.M. (4) laboratories.
  • The test simulates a fire : the safe is placed in a furnace and heated to 900°C. “Standard” papers, which burn instantaneously at 177°C, in the safe were found to be intact at the end of the test.

The quality of a safe can only be assessed in terms of the quality of its structure plus the quality of the boltwork and locking systems. FICHET designs and manufactures all these components, guaranteeing a high degree of security.

  • An extra-hard defensive structure
  • Thickness of the protective system : 65 mm.
  • A special extra-hard agglomerate encased between 2 steel sheets.
  • The same protection is provided on the door and body. This system impedes the use of mechanical as well as thermal tools and delays the effects of heat in a fire.

Two ways boltwork system :

  • On the door opening-edge : 30 mm dia horizontal bolts
  • On the hinge-edge : a locking bar covering the full length of the door. External hinges allow the door to open to 180°, giving complete access to the inside of the safe.


A high-security lock :

  • The “M2b” type with 7 circumferential bits.
  • Secret and individualized.
  • A three-tube combination lock.
  • Guarantee secrecy of the combination.
  • Are operated by the “M2b key.


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