Fichet Bauche Enterprise 10


Complex defense in depth.
Fichet-Bauche in their long experience in the field of security consider that a safe must be composed of different barriers of defense.

These different barriers are integrated into all the defensive walls of a safe and lead to a superior quality of protection. This considerably retards the progress of criminals and necessitates the use of a variety of tools.

The body and door of the “Entreprise” safes are composed of defensive structures against the action of the blow torch, oxyacetylene cutter, as well as against the oxy-arc and powerful mechanical tools such as the disc cutter.

Particular attention has been paid to the protection of the locking mechanism which are always the target of the most specialist safe breaker.

The “Entreprise” safe may be considered as the centre of a defensive system comprising perimeter defenses such as on electronic alarm installation, but as the physical security element of the system it must be a barrier of great effectiveness.

An effective protection against fire

Testing resistance to fire
On 2nd September 1977 an “Entreprise” 30 safe successfully underwent a test of its resistance to fire carried out by the Scientific and Technical Centre for building construction (C.S.T.B.) in Champs-sur-Marne.

In this test, papers are placed inside the safe which is then locked and heated in a furnace for a period of 60 minutes up to a temperature of 925 °C. Remember that paper ignites spontaneously at 177 °C, even when not in contact with an open flame.

A conclusive test
The protection against fire provided by Fichet-Bauche was shown to be effective. During this test, the inside temperature of the “Entreprise safe did not rise above 100 °C. The documents placed inside were recovered intact.

Internal cupboard
It is possible to fit a 9″ high full width cupboard in all the sizes, secured with “Monopole” keylock.

Base fixing
All safes are prepared for base fixing to the floor.

Deposit entry
Models 18, 30, 47 can be prepared to receive deposit drawer, rear or side entry.

Internal Alarm
An internal alarm system can be fitted.

High security locking

  • One main keylock “M2i” type neither marked nor capable of imitation.
  • “Monocommande” combination lock giving 63 million locking possibilities and designed to frustrate any attempts to establish the combination illicitly.
  • A time lock can be fitted on model 18 and above which prevents the safe being opened for up 144 hours or the customer requirements.The handle comprises a moving port to operate the boltwork and a fixed part for opening and closing the door.
  • Relocking devices go into action should the safe be attacked by thermal, mechanical or explosive methods.
  • Additionally live relocking devices are in place each time the safe is locked.

Opening to full 180°
The appearance of the “Entreprise” has been particularly studied and the unique Fichet-Bauche double hinge system enables the door to be opened a full 180°; thereby giving access to the complete internal width of the safe (patent n° 7615810 from May, 25th 1976).

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