Fichet Bauche Kelvia 200


At 177 C paper burns spontaneously and at only 55-C information stored on diskettes become irretrievable. To provide vital protection for records and documents against the risk of damage by fire and smoke, Fichet has developed the Kelvia range of fire resistant cabinets – providing protection for data. Kelvia has been tested and certified to the relevant European Standard. For added security all Kelvia cabinets are fitted with the Fichet M3b keylock as standard. All other Fichet locking options are also available.

For Data Protection

Benefiting from a new generation of fire proofing material ‘Mirium’, Kelvia cabinets are designed to protect a wide range of medias, including computer, photographic, audio/visual and heat sen­sitive paper.

The cabinet design uses special interlocking rebated door leaves with seals preventing the ingress of flame, gas, water, dust and humidity. The Kelvia range has been tested in compliance with the VDMA 2499-1 Standard and was awarded the S 120DIS label for 2 hours protection for data. The test involved placing a Kelvia inside a furnace and exposing it to flames and a temperature exceeding 1000C for 2 hours.

During the test the temperature of data inside the Kelvia did not exceed 51 C and humidity did not exceed 85%.

For those requiring secure storage for valuables as well as paper and media, the Kelvia 200 Duo combines the sturdiness of a safe (to European Norm Class 1 for cash safes) with the heat resistance of a fireproof cabinet.

Kelvia 100, 200 and 300
Three sizes offering the same level of protection : S120DIS

  • The Kelvia 100 fireproof safe could not be a more discreet caretaker of your know-how. It protects your data, no matter what medium is used, against fire and even against sheer deterioration over time. The Kelvia 100 has proved its unquestionable performance against fire and satisfies the standard which is currently the leading authority: the VDMA S120 DIS label.
  • Kelvia 200 and Kelvia 300 share the same features and perform the same functions as the Kelvia 100. With the same dimensions on the ground, they provide additional storage space.

Furthermore, the Kelvia range is fitted with a semi-automatic door closing system.

Kelvia 200 Duo VDMA S120DIS – EN 1143-1
A new concept : the fireproof safe with theft label

Kelvia 200 Duo is a new fireproof safe concept which satisfies the requirements of establishments handling assets such as strategic data, unique objects, antiques, etc… By combining the sturdiness of a safe and the heat-resistance of a fireproof cabinet, Kelvia 200 Duo provides excellent protection not just against fire, but also against malicious intent or theft.

  • The Kelvia 200 Duo fireproof safe satisfies the VDMA S120DIS fire standard. It is also classed A2p IE and VdS I in accordance with the European safe standard EN 1143-1.
  • The Kelvia 200 Duo fireproof safe is particularly recommended for protecting media which are sensitive to humidity and temperatures higher than 50°C.

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